What does SRO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SRO:



Standing Room OnlyNews & Media
Self Regulatory OrganizationGeneral Business
Single Room OccupancyHousing & Amenities
School Resource OfficerOccupation & Positions
Short Range OrderPhysics
Student Resource OfficerOccupation & Positions
Sponsored Research OfficeUS Government
Statutory Regulatory OrderUS Government
Single Resident OccupancyResidential
Scottish Records OfficeGovernmental
Standing Route OrderTransportation
Standard Rock OutfitClothing
System Readiness ObjectiveMilitary
Student Run OrganizationUniversities
Search And Rescue OfficerOccupation & Positions
Special Routine OrderProducts
Sorry Random OutburstUnclassified
Sorry, Random OutburstChat
Santiago Rigonan ObienUnclassified
Support Removal OnlyUnclassified
Statutory Rules and OrdersUnclassified
Sold Right OutUnclassified
Self Regulating OrganisationUnclassified
Silkroad OnlineCompanies & Firms
Supervisor Range OperationsNASA
Source Repair OrderProducts
Socially Responsible OrganizationUnclassified
Sterling Realty OrganizationUnclassified
State Review OfficersUnclassified
Sierra Remote ObservatoriesObservatories
Sleep Research OnlineResearch
Special Residents OnlyHousing & Amenities
Subject-Reported OutcomeBritish Medicine
Self Regulatory OrganizationsUnclassified
CampidaneseLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
School Reform OfficeSchools
School Resource OfficersSchools
Self Regulated OrganizationsUnclassified
Self Regulatory OrganisationAccounting
Self Regulatory OrganisationsUnclassified
Significantly Regulated OrganizationsUnclassified
Single Residence OccupancyUnclassified
Singular Room OccupancyUnclassified
Small Revenue OperationUnclassified
Southern Regional OfficeRegional
Standard Rental OptionUnclassified
Studio and Remote OperationsUnclassified
Survey Research OperationsResearch
Sabaean Religious OrderReligion
Saudi Railways OrganizationTransportation
Self-Regulatory OrganisationProfessional Organizations
Self-Regulatory OrganizationProfessional Organizations
Senior Reactor OperatorOccupation & Positions
Senior Responsibility OfficerOccupation & Positions
Senior Responsible OwnerBritish Medicine
Shortest Region of OverlapBritish Medicine
Spitfire OilLondon Stock Exchange
Stand Right OutsideFunnies
Standing Room On LyPerforming Arts
State Revenue OfficeAustralian
State Review OfficerBritish Medicine
Stoned Right OutSlang
Strategic Readiness OfficerMilitary
Student Records OfficeSchools
Sub-Regional OfficeGeneral Business

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