What does SST stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SST:



Sea Surface TemperatureOcean Science
Student Study TeamEducational
Student Support TeamUniversities
Serum Separator TubeLaboratory
Student Success TeamUniversities
Spread Spectrum TechnologyElectronics
Singapore Standard TimeTime Zones
Special Service ToolMilitary
Star Ship TroopersScience Fiction
Training SubmarineShipping & Sailing
Superior Sound TechnologyElectronics
Sum of Squares TotalMathematics
Study Service TermUS Government
South Side TribeConferences
Sweet Smelling ToiletFunnies
Single Subscriber TerminalMilitary
System Support TeamMilitary
Site Specific TechnologyGeneral Computing
Statistical Software ToolSoftware
System Software TestMilitary
Short Stubby ThingProducts
Short Supervisory TransitionMilitary
Special Services TeamCommunity
Sum of Squares For TreatmentsLaboratory
Star Ship TrooperScience Fiction
Super Sonic TeamSports
Student Service TeamEducational
Super Silky TactelClothing
Super Sport TrainerSports
Sequence Search TreeDatabases
Slip Stream TransportTransportation
Sophisticated Sports TouringTransportation
Sales Service TechnologyTechnology
Secure Shell ToolkitSoftware
Smith Semeraro TextilesClothing
Sara Skye And TonyUnclassified
Site Sustainability TrackingInternet
Standard Search TemplateInternet
Short Section TrackTransportation
Sim Sports TodayNews & Media
Sears Smart ToolProducts
Succeeding Serviceable TimberUnclassified
Standard Service ToolSoftware
Stones Spaces TerritoryFunnies
Sub-Space TransmissionScience Fiction
Service, Speed, and TechnologyGeneral Business
SSTMAP Satellite image dataFile Extensions
Super Sports TouringSports
Stock Strength TrackingStock Exchange
Steve's Screaming TsiuFunnies
Staphylococcal Siderophore TransporterUnclassified
Swat Strike TeamGaming
South Sumatra Time [UTC + 0700]Time Zones
Stainless SteelProducts
Solid State TransmitterAmateur Radio
School of Science and TechnologyTechnology
Sport Shift TransmissionSports
Synchronous Service TransportUnclassified
Student Seeking TeacherStudents
Structural Static TestNASA
Style Sophistication And TechnologyTechnology
Signature Series TitaniumSports
s for ShapeShifter TechnologyTechnology
S For Supersonic TransportUnclassified
Sales and Services TaxTax
Sales Service TaxTax
Samoa Standard TimeUnclassified
Satellite Servicing TechnologyTechnology
Selenium Simple TestUnclassified
Self Service TechnologyTechnology
Self Service TerminalUnclassified
Self Service TerminalsTravel & Tourism
Shear Stress TransportUnclassified
Silicon Storage TechnologyTechnology
Single Source TechnologiesUnclassified
Single Specialization TeamUnclassified
Site Safety TrainingUnclassified
Size Specific TubingUnclassified
Smart Systems and TechnologiesUnclassified
So So TottallyUnclassified
Sorted Sequence TableUnclassified
Sorted String TableUnclassified
Space Saving TransomUnclassified
Space Surveillance and TrackingUnclassified
Space Surveillance TelescopeUnclassified
Spacecraft Systems TestNASA
Spin Steer TechnologyTechnology
Sports Shift TransmissionSports
Sports Specific TrainingSports
Stadium SUPER TrucksUnclassified
Standard Serviceability TestUnclassified
State Snapshot TransferUnclassified
Statistical Software ToolsSoftware
Streamlined Sales TaxTax
Structural Simulation ToolkitUnclassified
Student Solutions TwenteStudents
Student Success TeamsStudents
Super Shock TipUnclassified
Super Stiff TeamUnclassified
Superior Spreadsheet TechnologyTechnology
Sustainable Safe TubeUnclassified
Sustainable Smart TownUnclassified
สมาฅม วิทยาศาสตร์ แห่ ง ประเทศไทยSocieties
iPath United States Treasury Steepener Exchange Traded NotesToronto Stock Exchange
Sales, Service, and TechnologyCompanies & Firms
Science Society of ThailandSocieties
Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies TrustLondon Stock Exchange
Scroll Screen TracerSoftware
Secondary School TeacherOccupation & Positions
Sega Sound TeamCompanies & Firms
Service Support ToolSoftware
Service System TransitionSoftware
Ship to Ship TransferBusiness
Simple Shoulder TestPhysiology
Simple Silly ToolUnclassified
Single Source of TruthBusiness
Single System TrainerNASA
Smart Stop TechnologyAcademic & Science
Social Studies Teaching majorUniversities
Space Saver TransomProducts
Special Support Team (National Security Agency)Military
Stainless Steel TeflonProducts
State Street TrustBanking
State Street Trust CompanyCompanies & Firms
Stavros Soccer TeamSoccer
Steady State TemperaturePhysics
Steamships Trading Company, LTD.ASX Symbols
Steel Sell TransportUnclassified
Subsystem Terminal on SpacelabNASA
Super Stupid TeacherFunnies
SuperSonic TransportAircraft & Aviation
Suppression System TerminalReal Estate

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