What does STAMP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand STAMP:



Securities Transfer Agents Medallion ProgramStock Exchange
Secure Template Aware Mail ProcessorUnclassified
Spending Time And Money ProdigiouslyGeneral Business
Students Teachers And Marauder ParentsEducational
Seniors That Are Motivated PeopleCommunity
Schools Training And Mentoring ProgrammeSchools
Students Taking Action and Making ProgressStudents
Stanford Transactional Applications for Multi ProcessingUnclassified
Selling Tobacco and Alcohol to Minors ProgramUnclassified
Strategic Technologies Advanced Manufacturing and ProjectsManufacturing
Short Term Adult Missions ProjectUnclassified
Safe and Timely Access to Medicines for PatientsUnclassified
Short Term Adult Missions ProgramUnclassified
Systems Tape Addition and Maintenance ProgramUnclassified
Science and Technology Advanced Marketing ParkMarketing
Science Technology Architecture and Medical ProfessionsTechnology
Simple True Act Map PeopleUnclassified
Success Through Assessment Management and PreventionManagement
Security Tracking, Analysis & Methodology ProgramWorking Groups
STandard Air Munitions PackageAir Force
Systematic Technology Assessment of Medical ProductsFDA

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