What does START stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand START:



Strategic Arms Reduction TalksUS Government
Global Change System for Analysis, Research, and TrainingOcean Science
Simple Triage And Rapid TreatmentHospitals
Small Tight Aspect Ratio TokamakUnclassified
Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue TrustUniversities
Simple Triage And Rapid TransportPhysiology
Solutions To Avoid Red TideUnclassified
Strategy To Attract And Retain TeachersEducational
Student Technical Application and Resource TrainingStudents
Solar Thermal Analysis Review and TrainingAstronomy
Strategies For Teaching And Reaching TalentsEducational
Stop Teen Alcohol Risk TeamsLaw & Legal
Students Together Achieving Responsible TasksStudents
Student Technicians And Resource TutorsStudents
Short Term Assurance And Recuperation TeamHospitals
Shuttlecraft Training And Recruitment TechniquesNASA
Strategies for Teaching And Reaching for TalentEducational
Student Technology Assistance Resource TeamfileUniversities
Student Testing Advising And Registration TeamUniversities
Striving Toward A Real TogethernessReligion
Substitute Teachers Accountable Responsible TeachingEducational
Special Tactics Awareness Response TrainingLaw & Legal
Systemic Therapeutic Assessment Respite And TreatmentMedical
Start Targeting And Attracting Revenue TodayGeneral Business
Subject Timed Age Regression TherapyPhysiology
Students To Advance Racial TogethernessStudents
Supporting The Area's Rising TalentCommunity
Skilled Trades Auto Repair TechnicianOccupation & Positions
Schools Taking Action Reselling TechnologyTechnology
Strategies For Teaching And Reaching For TalentsUnclassified
Suggestions To Attain Revenue TogetherInternational Business
Supporting The Areas Rising TalentUnclassified
Supporting The Areas' Rising TalentCommunity
Success That Always Reveals A TrailGeneral Business
Students That Act Really TerrificStudents
Steps Toward Achieving Responsible TraitsEducational
Sowing Truth And Reaping TrustReligion
Strategy Tactics Analysis Reaction And TransformationMilitary
Student Transition And Responsibility TutorialUniversities
Second Tier And Response TrainingLaw & Legal
Support Today Achieves Results TomorrowEducational
Shelter Transport Animal Rescue TeamAnimals
Safety and Technical Assessment for Readiness of TechnologyTechnology
Student Tutorial Achievement Recording And TrackingUniversities
Salem Tube Academic Research TrainingResearch
Salvo Treatment Assessment Recovery TherapeuticTherapeutics
Science Track Awards for Rapid TransitionAwards & Medals
Set Time Aside to Read TogetherUnclassified
Skills Tasks and Results TrainingUnclassified
Sobriety Treatment and Reducing TraumaUnclassified
South Texas Accelerated Research TherapeuticsTherapeutics
Southern Teton Area Rapid TransitUnclassified
Steroid Treatment as Regular TherapyTherapy
Strategy Team Achieving Results TogetherUnclassified
Student Tuition Assistance Repayment TrustUnclassified
Success Through Accountability Restitution and TreatmentUnclassified
Success Through Activities Recreation and TransportationTransportation
Superfund Technical Assessment and Response TeamUnclassified
Systemic Therapeutic Assessment Resources and TreatmentTherapeutics
national consortium for the Study of Terrorism And Responses to TerrorismResearch
Strategic Arms Reduction TreatyMilitary
Study of Terrorism and Responses to TerrorismMilitary

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