What does STF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand STF:



Special Task ForceMilitary
Summary Tape FileGeneral Computing
Spokane Team FortressSports
Stepover Toehold FacelockSports
Symmetric Trace FreeMathematics
Silence The FeedbackElectronics
Spinning Toe FaceSports
Super Twin FanMilitary
Single Tuning FrequencyAmateur Radio
Submission Through FearLaw & Legal
Software Test FacilityNASA
Slayers Task ForceSports
ShrinkToFit Compressed file archiveFile Extensions
Some Tests FailedMilitary
Special Teaching FacilityEducational
Stephen Island, Queensland, AustraliaAirport Codes
Sleuth Testing FrameworkSoftware
Single Tuned FrequencyElectronics
Sunny Tang FamilyFunnies
Sid The FlyFunnies
Systematic Transformation FacilityUnited Nations
Scheduled Transfer FacilityTransportation
Submission To FearReligion
Specialized Treatment FacilityUnclassified
Saskatchewan Teachers' FederationEducational
Supremo Tribunal FederalUnclassified
Sastha Tamil FoundationTamil
Save the Tiger FundFunds
School Travel ForumTravel & Tourism
Screen Transfer FunctionUnclassified
See the forestForestry
Short Training FieldAir Force
Silence The FallUnclassified
Singapore Taekwondo FederationFederation
Slip, Trip, FallHousing & Amenities
Smartphone Test FarmFarming & Agriculture
Smooth Trans FocusUnclassified
Smooth Transition FocusPhotography & Imaging
Source Time FunctionUnclassified
South Tampa FellowshipUnclassified
Space Time FrictionUnclassified
Special Terrorist ForcesMilitary
Spread tow fabricUnclassified
Stand for The FreeUnclassified
Standard Transmission FormatUnclassified
Stochastic Thin FilmsUnclassified
Straight Talk FoundationFoundations
Street Tech FormulaUnclassified
Student Tech FeeUnclassified
Student Technology FeeTechnology
Student Travel FellowshipsStudents
Summer Teaching FellowshipUnclassified
SuperForm Tax FormsTax
Surgical Training FacilitySurgical
Survival of The FittestUnclassified
Sustainable Transport ForumForums
Systems Technology ForumTechnology
Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (Canada)Unions
SCITI Total Return TrustToronto Stock Exchange
SmartfocusLondon Stock Exchange
Spin Test Facility (see DSTF)NASA
STeering FluidMechanics
Storm The FrontMilitary
Structural Fatigue TestNASA
Sustainability and transformation fundingFinance
Sveriges TandläkarförbundSocieties
Swedish Dental AssociationSocieties

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