What does SUI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SUI:



Sun Communities, Inc.NYSE Symbols
State Unemployment InsuranceState & Local
Some Useful InformationMilitary
Simple User Interface Toolkit libraryFile Extensions
System Unique IdentifierGeneral Computing
Singer Under The InfluenceFunnies
Specific Uptake InhibitorLaboratory
Sukhumi, RussiaAirport Codes
suicideBritish Medicine
Stress Urinary IncontinenceBritish Medicine
Service User InvolvementUnclassified
Serious Untoward IncidentUnclassified
Shopping Under the InfluenceQuilting
State University of IowaUniversities
Spatial User InteractionUnclassified
Society of United IrishmenSocieties
Systems Unlimited IncCompanies & Firms
Solutions Unlimited IncCompanies & Firms
Stacked User InputsUnclassified
Subsurface Utility InvestigationsUnclassified
serious untoward incident (serious incident requiring investigation)British Medicine
Simple User InterfaceBritish Medicine
Sunsun/Fairfeild Train Station in CaliforniaTransportation

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