What does TAB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TAB:



Tape Automated BondingElectronics
Teen Advisory BoardEducational
Technical Advisory BoardElectronics
Technical Activities BoardNon-Profit Organizations
Totalizator Agency BoardUS Government
Testing, Adjusting, and BalancingGeneral Business
Texas Association of BroadcastersProfessional Organizations
Tax Anticipation BillAccounting
Totally Artificial BeverageFood & Nutrition
IEEE Technical Activities BoardElectronics
The Angry BeaversFunnies
Therapeutic AbortionPhysiology
Teasing And BullyingEducational
Talk About BudgetUS Government
Tested And BurnedElectronics
Target Acquisition BatteryMilitary
Teaching for Artistic BehaviorEducational
Touch And BreathePhysiology
Training Aid BookletEducational
Tommy Aguilar BandMusic
Tachikawa Air BaseMilitary
Crown Point Airport, Tobago, Trinidad & TobagoAirport Codes
Timing and Acquisition BitNASA
Team Advisory BoardGeneral Business
go to next TAB stopGeneral Computing
The Automatic BartenderProducts
Triangle Array BackwardMathematics
Training Allowance BenefitsMilitary
Tumors, Accidents, and BurnsOncology
Teens And BooksEducational
Touching A BoogerFunnies
To Abolish BookmakersLaw & Legal
Color lookup TABle (CMYK image)File Extensions
Trinity's Assistance BridgeNon-Profit Organizations
Travelling Angel BearCommunity
Tea and BiscuitsUnclassified
Take A BreakMiscellaneous
Terrain Atmosphere And BeatMeteorology
Testing Adjusting and BalancingUnclassified
The Allman BrothersUnclassified
taliser Agency BoardAgencies
Technical Advisory BodyAdvisory
Telephone Ability BatteryUnclassified
The Amplified BibleBible
Transportation Advisory BoardAdvisory
Tabulation of Existing and Required FacilitiesMilitary
Tactical Advance to BattleUnclassified
talisator Agency BoardAgencies
Tally Artificial BeverageUnclassified
Teaching Artistic BehaviorArt
Teaching forUnclassified
Temporal Artery BiopsyBritish Medicine
Tetanus Anti BacilliUnclassified
Texas Association of BuildersAssociations
The Absolute BestUnclassified
The Alternative BoardUnclassified
Tiger Athletic BoosterUniversities
Traffic Audit BureauBureaus
Trumpet And BassUnclassified
Tumors Accidents And BurnsUnclassified
TABbella (TABlet)Prescription
Tactical Air BaseMilitary
Tactical Avance towards BattleMilitary
Take America BackPolitics
Team Assessment of BehaviourBritish Medicine
The Avett BrothersNames and Nicknames
Thighs, Abs, and ButtsSports
thyroid antibodiesBritish Medicine
Total Androgen BlockBritish Medicine
Total Autonomic BlockBritish Medicine
Totally Amazing BloggerBlogs
Transportation Alliance BankBanking
Transportor Amfibiu BlindatMilitary
Transportor Auto BlindatRomanian
Type A behaviourBritish Medicine

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