What does TAC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TAC:



The Astronomy ConnectionAstronomy
Technical Assistance CenterNetworking
Technical Advisory CommitteeMilitary
Total Allowable CatchOcean Science
Tactical Air CommandMilitary
Take A ChanceTexting
Transport Accident CommissionTransportation
Terminal Access ControllerNetworking
Transportation Association of CanadaTransportation
Time-to-Amplitude ConverterElectronics
Tomografia Assiale ComputerizzataCompanies & Firms
Treaty of Amity and CooperationUS Government
The Adventure CompanyCompanies & Firms
Thomas Aquinas CollegeColleges
Team Aerial CombatMilitary
Traffic Acquisition CostAccounting
Time Activity CurveGeneral Business
Teen Advisory CouncilCommunity
The Angel CompanyCompanies & Firms
Total Area CoverageMilitary
Telescope Allocation CommitteeAstronomy
Transportation Account CodeMilitary
Tacloban, PhilippinesAirport Codes
The Art CornerCompanies & Firms
Terminal Access CircuitTelecom
Threat Assessment CenterFBI Files
Tandycrafts, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Totally Accurate ControllerNetworking
Total Average CostAccounting
Tenants Are CustomersGeneral Business
Toronto Accords ClubCommunity
Type of Address CodeNetworking
Transparent Audio CompressionElectronics
Total Airflow ControlNASA
Teens Against CancerNon-Profit Organizations
Tiger Authentication CommitteeVeterinary
Traffic Accident CarPolice
Total Allowed CatchesSports
Teach, Assess, CounselEducational
Taxotere, Adriamycin, and CytoxanPhysiology
Telemetry and Command ComputerNASA
Title Author CallNews & Media
Trustee Assistance CorporationCompanies & Firms
Teens Against ChemicalsEducational
Training and Awareness ConferenceConferences
Triangle Array CrossMathematics
Triple A ChicagoSports
Totally Arm ChairChat
Total Aerial CombatMilitary
Total Activity CycleGeneral Business
Trousdell Aquatics CenterSports
Talks All CrapChat
The Auzzie ClubFunnies
Total Amount of CodesMilitary
Teach, Advise, and CounselUniversities
This Ain't ControlsGeneral Computing
Type Approval CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
tacrolimusBritish Medicine
Texas Administrative CodeUnclassified
Tariff Advisory CommitteeAdvisory
Transactions on Automatic ControlUnclassified
Taxotere Adriamycin and CyclophosphamideUnclassified
Teach Advise and CounselUnclassified
Technology Assistance CenterTechnology
Totally Abominable CreaturesFunnies
Tetracaine Adrenaline and CocaineUnclassified
Text Analysis ConferenceConferences
Theme Authenticity CheckerUnclassified
Triangle Aquatic CenterUnclassified
tales Anorganisches CarbonatUnclassified
Technical Assistance CollaborativeUnclassified
Temperature Awareness ColorizationUnclassified
Tennessee Arts CommissionCommissions
Textile Arts CenterArt
Transactions on Affective ComputingComputing
Tactile Approach to CommunicationUnclassified
Technological Advisory CouncilCouncil
Theater Alternative ChannelNews & Media
Thunder Aerospace CorporationCompanies & Firms
Transcriptome Analysis ConsoleUnclassified
T AcronymFinder ComUnclassified
Tactical Armed CombativesUnclassified
Tal Active CannabinoidsUnclassified
tal Allowable CatchUnclassified
tal Antioxidant CapacityUnclassified
tal Assayable CannabinoidsUnclassified
Tariff Advisory CommitteeAAdvisory
Taxpayer Assistance CenterUnclassified
Teacher Access CenterEducational
Teacher Advisor ContactContact
Team Around the ChildUnclassified
Tecnologia Automotiva CatarinenseUnclassified
Teenage Awareness of CancerCancer
Texas Armoring CorporationCompanies & Firms
Texas Association of CountiesCounties
The Abilities ConnectionUnclassified
The Ally CoalitionUnclassified
The Anniversary CollectionUnclassified
The Arnold CompaniesUnclassified
Theme Authentication CheckerUnclassified
Theory and Applications of CategoriesUnclassified
Throttle Actuator ControlUnclassified
tical Air CommandUnclassified
Todai Automatic ComputerComputing
Tongji Apple ClubClubs
Tooth Agenesis CodeUnclassified
Training Advising and CounselingUnclassified
Training for Adoption CompetencyFoster & Adoption
Transition At CollegeColleges
Travel and Adventure ClubClubs
Travel Assistance CenterTravel & Tourism
Travel Authorisation CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Treatment Action CampaignUnclassified
Tri Acetate CelluloseUnclassified
Tri Acetyl CelluloseUnclassified
Triangle Aquatics CenterUnclassified
Tribal Advisory CommitteeAdvisory
Type Approval CodeUnclassified
σύνολο επιτρεπόενων αλιευάτωνGreek
Association des Transports du CanadaSocieties
Tactical Advanced ComputerMilitary
Tactical Air ControllerMilitary
Tactical Air CoordinatorMilitary
Tactical OfficerMilitary
Take A CrapChat
Target Acquisition ConsoleMilitary
Targeted Amortization ClassAccounting
Technical Activities CommitteeState & Local
Technical Adaptation CommitteeWaste Managment
Technical Assistance CoordinatorGeneral Computing
Technology Accreditation CommissionBritish Medicine
Telematics for Administrations CommitteeGeneral Business
Terminal Area ChartAircraft & Aviation
Terminal Attack ControlMilitary
Terminal Attack ControllerMilitary
Terminating At Canaveral (Kennedy Space Center Landing Site, Florida)NASA
Terms and ConditionsGeneral Business
Tetracaine-Adrenaline-CocaineBritish Medicine
Thai Authentic CuisineFood & Nutrition
The Awareness CentreMedical
The Total Amount Of CodesUnclassified
Therapeutically Achievable ConcentrationBritish Medicine
Thrust Asymmetry CompensationAircraft & Aviation
Time At CompletionSchools
Total Abdominal ColectomyBritish Medicine
Total Access Communication SystemMilitary
Total Aganglionosis ColiBritish Medicine
Toxic Air ContaminantsChemistry
Trainee Advisory CommitteeBritish Medicine
Training Access CenterMilitary
Transfer At CostAccounting
Transient Aplastic CrisisBritish Medicine
Transnational Auditors CommitteeAccounting
Transplant Aspiration CytologyBritish Medicine
Transverse Aortic ConstrictionBritish Medicine
Treatment Advice ClinicMedical
Trigeminal autonomic cephalgiaMedical
Triple Antibiotic CreamPhysiology
Trousdell Aquatic CenterUnclassified
Truncus Arteriosus CommunisBritish Medicine
Twisted Application ConfigurationSoftware

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