What does TAP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TAP:



Teachers And ParentsEducational
Test Access PortHardware
Tuition Assistance ProgramUniversities
Technical Advisory PanelMilitary
Training And PlacementOccupation & Positions
Toxic Air PollutantEnvironmental
Technology Assistance ProgramGeneral Business
Tape fileFile Extensions
Take Another PlaneTransportation
Technology Assurance ProgramUniversities
Total Audi PerformanceTransportation
Teacher Advisor ProgramSchools
Transferred Account ProcedureBanking
Test Access PointElectronics
Technology Assessment ProgramMilitary
Telocator Alphanumeric ProtocolGeneral Computing
Transportadora Aérea PortuguesaTransportation
Tests of Achievement and ProficiencySchools
Thornton Adjustable PositionerProducts
The Army PlanMilitary
Tactical Application PoliceMilitary
Technical Assistance PartnershipInternational Business
The Amazing PuddingFood & Nutrition
Test Access PathTelecom
Tapachula, MexicoAirport Codes
Tuition Account PlanUniversities
Teens for AIDS PreventionEducational
Toxicological Agent ProtectiveLaboratory
Teacher Assistance ProgramEducational
Telocator Alphanumeric PagingTelecom
Tip Associated ProteinLaboratory
Total Audience PlanNews & Media
Travelers Property Casualty CorporationNYSE Symbols
Theology And a PubReligion
Tobacco Awareness ProgramEducational
Training Access PointEducational
The Art PolicePerforming Arts
Technological Assistance ProgramUS Government
The Asian PeopleCommunity
Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and PakistanRegional
Test of Achievement and ProficiencyEducational
Teacher Advisory ProgramUniversities
Takeda Abbott PharmaceuticalsCompanies & Firms
Trans-Alaskan PipelineOcean Science
Tape And PipeProducts
Transporter for Antigen ProcessingLaboratory
Touch Activated PowerHardware
Teachers As PartnersEducational
Training Achievement ProgramUniversities
Top Application PerformersGeneral Business
Targeted Access ProgramMilitary
Trainer Activity ProfileOccupation & Positions
Tolerance Among PeopleReligion
Tool Application ProgramElectronics
Team Achievement PointsEducational
Tenant Area PanelHousing & Amenities
The Alpiri ProjectNews & Media
Trainer Assessment ProgramEducational
Topic, Audience, PurposeToastmasters
Transportation Adjudication PanelUS Government
Trinity Access ProgramReligion
The Airline of PortugalTransportation
Telecommunity Appalachian ProjectTelecom
Technincal Assistance PartyGeneral Business
Teens Against PolioNon-Profit Organizations
Terrible And PatheticFunnies
The Arbor ProjectCommunity
Targeted Achievement ProgramEducational
Twin Affinity PurificationLaboratory
Talent, Ashland, and Phoenix, OregonState & Local
Teach and Assist ProgressEducational
Technology Application PanelConferences
Trophospheric Aerosol ParticlesMeteorology
Temporary Applicant PoolOccupation & Positions
Toms Audio PluginsCompanies & Firms
Trainer Activity ProgramCommunity
To Agonize PeopleLaw & Legal
Test Administration PlanNASA
Transparency Action PlanPolitics
Tuition Assistance PlanUniversities
Tp Air PortugalUnclassified
Transaxle Adaptive PressureTransportation
Transportes Aéreos PortuguesesUnclassified
transluminal angioplastyBritish Medicine
Taxpayer Access PointUnclassified
Technical Assistance ProgramUnclassified
Test Anything ProtocolUnclassified
Touch Action ProtocolUnclassified
Air PortugalUnclassified
Table Access ProtocolUnclassified
Taiwanese American ProfessionalsUnclassified
Targeted Assessment for PreventionPrevention
Targeted Attendee ProgramUnclassified
Technical Assistance PanelUnclassified
Technology Adoption ProgramTechnology
Teen Arts PassArt
Telocator Alphanumeric inputUnclassified
Tenant Address PortalUnclassified
Test Assembly and PackagingAssembly
the Alpine PressNews & Media
The Association for PoolAssociations
Thermal Acoustical and PestUnclassified
Thermal Acoustical PestUnclassified
Tidak Ada PencenUnclassified
Time and PlaceUnclassified
Total Action for ProgressUnclassified
Trade A PlaneUnclassified
Tragedy Assistance ProgramUnclassified
Transfer Admission PlannerUnclassified
Transfer Alliance ProgramAlliances
Transform Accounts PayableUnclassified
Transformative Actions ProgramUnclassified
Transit Access PassUnclassified
TravelInsured Agent PortalUnclassified
Tropical Agriculture PlatformFarming & Agriculture
troupe aéroportée paratrooperUnclassified
Tshuva Agricultural ProjectsFarming & Agriculture
Tuition Affordability ProgramUnclassified
T cell activating proteinBritish Medicine
Tai Po Market, Hong KongCompanies & Firms
Take another Pictcher!Funnies
Tap Oil, LTD.ASX Symbols
Technical Achievement PlanNASA
Technical Assistance PublicationUS Government
Technical Assistance PublicationsMedical
Telemetry Acceptance PatternNASA
There's A ProblemChat
Thouless-Anderson-PalmerBritish Medicine
Tocopherol-Associated ProteinBritish Medicine
Total Action against PovertyNon-Profit Organizations
Total Air PressureNASA
Total Alkaline PhosphataseBritish Medicine
Toxicology and Applied PharmacologyBritish Medicine
Trainee Assistant PractitionerBritish Medicine
Training Application PerformanceBritish Medicine
Trans-Adriatic PipelineAcademic & Science
Transition Assistance ProgramMilitary
Transmembrane Action PotentialBritish Medicine
Transoesophageal Atrial PacingBritish Medicine
Transportation Alternatives ProgramTransportation
Transporter for Antigen PresentingBritish Medicine
Transvaginal Amniotic PunctureBritish Medicine
tricuspid angiplastyBritish Medicine
Trypsinogen Activation PeptideBritish Medicine

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