What does TD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TD:



Turbo DieselTransportation
Test DriveTransportation
Time DivisionElectronics
Table DataAssembly
Transmit DataTelecom
Technical DirectorOccupation & Positions
Tardive DyskinesiaPhysiology
Thermal DesorptionChemistry
Tabular DataAccounting
Transmitted DiseasePhysiology
Timing DiagramElectronics
Technische DienstCompanies & Firms
Tony DanzaFamous & Celebs
Top DogGeneral Business
Table DefinitionAssembly
Thermal DiffusionChemistry
Trust DeedLaw & Legal
Training DevelopmentMilitary
Temporary DisabilityUS Government
Technology DemonstrationMilitary
Transient DataGeneral Computing
Total DistributionMilitary
Tough DecisionMilitary
Total DisabilityPhysiology
Targeted DeliveryMilitary
Transportation DisadvantagedTransportation
Training DeviceMilitary
Terrain DataMilitary
Time DifferentialPhysics
Trojan DownloaderSoftware
Talent DevelopmentPerforming Arts
Test DirectorOccupation & Positions
Tracking DogLaw & Legal
Transit DistrictPolice
Tape DelayNews & Media
Temporal DifferencePhysics
Total DensityChemistry
The DumperChat
Tower DefenseMilitary
Trau DichGerman
Thermal DurationChemistry
Table DetailAssembly
Time DefinitePhysics
Total DominationUS Government
Tom DemarcoFamous & Celebs
Therapy DogDogs Related
Total DisasterChat
Table DownDatabases
Technology DemonstratorMilitary
Training DayMilitary
Technical DemonstrationMilitary
Too DumbFunnies
Thermal DonorElectronics
Tangent DistanceMathematics
Traffic DirectorNetworking
Team DestructionGaming
Tour DirectorOccupation & Positions
Table DimensionMathematics
Transmitter DistributorMilitary
Truss DesignerOccupation & Positions
Task DelegationGeneral Business
Target DefeatMilitary
Table DivisionDatabases
Tech DudeOccupation & Positions
Temperature DisplacementChemistry
Temporal DiscriminationUnclassified
Table DatumOcean Science
Tiny DiFunnies
Transorganizational DevelopmentGeneral Business
Truth DrugPolice
Tardive DyskinesiasUnclassified
Turbo Debugger for DOS Configuration fileFile Extensions
Totally DangerousMilitary
Thomas DuncombeFamous & Celebs
Table DelimiterDatabases
Trinchera DolinaGeology
Thinline DoubleProducts
Terrier DownVeterinary
Tanker - DirtyTransportation
Tres DraughtyFrench
Tetanus Toxoid without Diphtheria boosterPhysiology
Twisted DestinyScience Fiction
Traslo DeviceProducts
Turabi DesignerOccupation & Positions
Tetanus & diphtheria Vaccine [adult/adol.]Medical
Tower Defense (video)Gaming
Toxic DoseHospitals
Tannoy Dimension speakersHardware
Tetanus And DipteriaUnclassified
Teriffic DolphinNames and Nicknames
Toronto DominionUnclassified
Thing DescriptionUnclassified
Tag DiscoverUnclassified
Taildragger DayUnclassified
tal DigitalUnclassified
Tank DrivingUnclassified
Tardive DelayedUnclassified
team DutchUnclassified
Tear DropUnclassified
Technical DiplomaCertifications & Diplomas
Terrell DavisUnclassified
Territorial DecorationUnclassified
Tetanus DiphtheriaUnclassified
The DecisionUnclassified
The DewUnclassified
The DogDogs Related
Ticket DispenserUnclassified
Tip DrillUnclassified
To DeliverUnclassified
Tom DrumUnclassified
Toronto Dominion Bank of OntarioNYSE Symbols
Touch DownUnclassified
Touchdowns DefenseUnclassified
Touring DieselUnclassified
Tower DefenceUnclassified
Training and DevelopmentDevelopment
Training DivisionUnclassified
Transverse DefectUnclassified
Triangular DistanceUnclassified
True DuaneUnclassified
Tunnel DiodeUnclassified
Turquoise DischargeUnclassified
Tank DestroyerMilitary
Target DateFDA
Target DoseMedical Physics
Tasmanian DevilVeterinary
Te Deum laudamus (O God we praise Thee) [Lat.]Music
Teachta DálaPolitics
Technical DirectiveNASA
Temporary DutyMilitary
Tender DesignConstruction
Tender DocumentAccounting
Term DepositMortgage
Terminal DistributorNASA
Terminal DuctPhysiology
Tetanus & diphtheria Vaccine, adult/adolescent formulationVaccine
Tetanus-Diphtheria ToxoidLaboratory
The DuelMiscellaneous
The Toronto-Dominion BankToronto Stock Exchange
Theater DistributionMilitary
Thirumala DevaswomReligion
Thomas DaleSchools
Thornton-Donovan schoolSchools
Tie DownMilitary
Time DelayNASA
Timing DistributorMilitary
To dieChat
Tool DesignManufacturing
Total DriftMilitary
Trade DeskAdvertising
Transport DepartmentTransportation
Transporter DieselProducts
Travelers' DiarrheaMedical
Tropical DepressionMeteorology
Tunnel DriveScience Fiction
Turn to DeliveryGeneral Business

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