What does TFT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TFT:



Thin Film TransistorMilitary
The Frozen ThroneNews & Media
Thought Field TherapyGeneral Computing
Tit For TatRegional
Toys For TotsNon-Profit Organizations
The Friday ThingHardware
Thyroid Function TestPhysiology
Thin Flim TransistorChemistry
Thermo Fibertek, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Thin Film TransisUnclassified
Task Force TigerMilitary
Toys For TrucksCompanies & Firms
Tactical Firearms TeamPolice
Time From TransmissionMilitary
Turbine Fuel TechnologiesUnclassified
Tectonic Fallopian TunnelLaboratory
Third Floor TheaterNews & Media
Try Fixing ThisGeneral Computing
Technical Feasibility Test(ing)Military
Toffee Fudge TransistorFunnies
The Furry TrianglesUnclassified
A Transverse Fourier TransformUnclassified
Task Force TeamUnclassified
Tropical Forest TrustForestry
Target Focus TrainingUnclassified
Technical Feasibility TestUnclassified
Tomorrows Future TodayUnclassified
Task ForceUnclassified
Thought FieldUnclassified
Task Force TipsUnclassified
Thin Film tarnsistorUnclassified
Tight Fixture TranmissionUnclassified
Tuffin Ferraby TaylorUnclassified
teak furniture ToUnclassified
Temporary Full Time (employment classification)General Business
The Forest TrustForestry
The Friday TimesUnclassified
Theory For TurntablesUnclassified
Tofu Fried TofuUnclassified
Transmission Fluid TemperatureUnclassified
Trivial File TransferUnclassified
Tax Free ThresholdAccounting
Tea For TwoUnclassified
Thin Film DisplayTG TriglyceridesBritish Medicine
Thin Film TechnologyProducts
Thin-Film TransistorPhysics
Turbulent Flow TechnologyPhysics

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