What does TG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TG:



The GraphMathematics
The GatheringCommunity
This GameSports
Tactical GamerSports
Temperature GradientPhysics
Thank GodChat
Test GroupElectronics
Toxoplasma GondiiPhysiology
TajikLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Throbbing GristleMusic
Top GunNews & Media
Teacher's GuideEducational
Technical GroupMilitary
Two GuysChat
Teachers' GuideUniversities
Turbine GeneratorProducts
Trunk GroupNetworking
Tone GeneratorElectronics
Top GraphicGeneral Computing
The GuardiansScience Fiction
Tough GuyChat
Trans GenderChat
Thunder GodScience Fiction
Toronto GothCompanies & Firms
Transparent GIFGeneral Computing
Team GameCommunity
Tightwad GazetteNews & Media
Thieves GuildScience Fiction
Tough GirlFunnies
Total GoalsSports
Trucknology GenerationFunnies
Technical GraphicsGeneral Computing
Tongue and GrooveArchitecture
Training GliderMilitary
Transmission GratingElectronics
Twilight GuardiansScience Fiction
Tredegar Industries, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Transition GraphChemistry
Tour GroupCommunity
Type GenericPlastics
Truncated GaussianMathematics
Tough GuardProducts
Thomas GarrettFamous & Celebs
Transaction GroupMilitary
Terrible GrammarChat
Tie GuyFunnies
Thalo GreenColors
Tank GrotteMilitary
Tributary GlacierMeteorology
Trans GalacticScience Fiction
Travelling GantryProducts
Tree GranuleBotany
Technical Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)File Extensions
Toastmaster Generals Toastmaster ClubToastmasters
Tax GeekFunnies
Transvaal GermistonRegional
Transistor GegentaktendstufePlastics
Transformation of GenericChemistry
Transmision GuatemaltecaNews & Media
ThanksgivingDays Abbreviations
Typical GamesGaming
Top GearUnclassified
Toll GateUnions
Top of GrateUnclassified
Tango GuatemalaUnclassified
Tank GunUnclassified
Team GeocachersUnclassified
Tenor GuitarMusic
The GreatUnclassified
Tough GuysUnclassified
Team GhostUnclassified
ToneelspelersGezelschap (Flemish Theater Company)Performing Arts
Target GroupUnclassified
Tempered GlassUnclassified
Titanium GearsUnclassified
tom and GeorgeUnclassified
Trace GasesUnclassified
The GameUnclassified
Thomas Gregg schoolSchools
Time for Graphic to appearGeneral Computing
Training GroupUnclassified
Tal GlycopeptidesUnclassified
Tip GapUnclassified
Tour GuardUnclassified
Glass Transition TemperatureChemistry
Task GroupMilitary
Technical Director office, Ground Systems DirectorateNASA
The GazetteNews & Media
Toe GunkNames and Nicknames
Totally Genetic Machine ArchetypeScience Fiction
Tour GuideTravel & Tourism
Transformational GrammarAcademic & Science
Tres Grand (French: very large)Clothing
Tullinge GymnasiumSchools

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