What does TICS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TICS:



Treasury International Capital SystemGeneral Computing
Test Instrument Computer ServicesGeneral Computing
Technology For Implementing Computer SoftwareGeneral Computing
Tennessee Instant Check SystemUnclassified
Telephone Interview for Cognitive StatusMedical
Tenderness Instability Crepitus SubcutaneousUnclassified
Two Item Conjoint ScreenUnclassified
TBI Instant Check SystemUnclassified
Tentatively Identified Compounds ScienceAcademic & Science
Tuebingen International Crisis SimulationInternational
Teacher Interactive Computer SystemComputing
The Ice Cream StoreUnclassified
Total Ionization Cross SectionsUnclassified
Traffic Information and Control SystemsUnclassified
Transferred Ionic Covalent SharedUnclassified
Transport Information and Control SystemUnclassified
Trends in Cognitive SciencesAcademic & Science
Triple Induction Control SystemUnclassified
Telecommunications And Instructional Computing SupportTelecom
Trafford Integrated Care ServicesBritish Medicine

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