What does TIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TIP:



Transportation Improvement ProgramTransportation
Time Is PreciousReligion
To Insure Proper ....Texting
Trouble In ParadiseCommunity
Turn In PoachersUS Government
Transportation Improvement PlanTransportation
Tripoli, LibyaAirport Codes
Treatment Improvement ProtocolPhysiology
Talent Identification ProgramUniversities
Turn In a PoacherLaw & Legal
To Insure Prompt ....General Business
Tablet Input PanelFood & Nutrition
To Insure PromptnessGeneral Business
Training In PartnershipGeneral Business
Theories Into PracticeUniversities
Terminable Interest PropertyLaw & Legal
Trauma Intervention ProgramHospitals
Training In PlaceMilitary
Technical Information PageInternet
Technology Integration ProjectGeneral Business
Trade In ProgressStock Exchange
To Insure PerformanceGeneral Business
TAO (Tropical Atmosphere Ocean) Implementation PanelOcean Science
Textile Institute of PakistanUniversities
Treasury Investment ProgramUS Government
Transportation Incentive ProgramTransportation
Telephone Industries of PakistanCompanies & Firms
Tip Isn't PicoSoftware
Trade In ProcessStock Exchange
TCL Improvement ProposalElectronics
Technical Improvement ProgramGeneral Business
Technology Insertion PlanMilitary
Technical Interest ProfileNon-Profit Organizations
Trust Implementation PlanStock Exchange
Technology Infusion ProjectGeneral Business
Technical Individual ProgramUniversities
Trade Industry or ProfessionGeneral Business
Teens In PartnershipCommunity
Technical Insertion ProgramMilitary
TACSIM Interface ProcessorMilitary
Technology Information ProjectGeneral Business
Telecommunications Infrastructure PlanningTelecom
Together In PoliticsPolitics
To Improve ProperCommunity
Three I's of PovertyUS Government
Technology Integrated ProjectGeneral Business
Teacher Improvement PlanEducational
To Improve PromptnessProducts
TIGER Improvement ProgramMilitary
Tuned In ParentsCommunity
Track Improvement ProgramMilitary
Technology Insertion ProjectMilitary
Trade Industry ProfessionGeneral Business
Thomas P. O'NeilFamous & Celebs
Turn In ProblemUniversities
Trade Investment PartneringInternational Business
Transformative Intercultural PedagogyEducational
Talk Is PowerToastmasters
Timecal Imaging ProcessPhysics
Targeted Investor ProtectionStock Exchange
Thylakoid Insertion ProteinPhysiology
True Image ProjectorGeneral Computing
Truth In ProgrammingNews & Media
To Insure PolicyGeneral Business
Track Impact ProgramRacing
The Inclusive PartnershipCommunity
Tris Isopropyl PhenylChemistry
Technical Instrument PanelProducts
Trust Investment ProtectionStock Exchange
Texas Instruments PlasticProducts
Tennessee Independent PartyPolitics
Talent Interest ProfileOccupation & Positions
Tabulation, Interpretation, and PlacementEducational
Technology Interest ProfileChat
Tactical Impact ProgramsMilitary
Texas Instruments PackageGeneral Computing
Total Inmate PenetrationLaw & Legal
Tasada Information PortalCompanies & Firms
TACSIM (TACtical SIMulator) Interface ProtocalMilitary
Terms Independent Of PostChat
Terms Independent PostChat
Tuition Incentive ProgramUnclassified
Training Information ProgramMilitary
Training for Intervention ProcedureSUnclassified
Theory Into PracticeUnclassified
Thoroughbred Incentive ProgramUnclassified
Transactions on Image ProcessingUnclassified
Treasury Inflation ProtectedUnclassified
Technology In ProgressTechnology
Telephone Interviewed ProspectGeneral Business
Tutorial for Info PowerUnclassified
Template of Ideal ProspectsUnclassified
Total Incentive PercentageAccounting
tal Interest PercentageUnclassified
Teach Inspire PlayUnclassified
Teacher Incentive ProgramEducational
Technology Innovation ProgramTechnology
Telecom Infra ProjectTelecom
Testing in PythonUnclassified
The Initiates ProgramUnclassified
Tip Isnt PicoSoftware
Tonoplast Intrinsic ProteinUnclassified
Tons of Inductive ProblemsUnclassified
Too Increase PraiseUnclassified
Rantoul National Aviation Cent, USA - ILAirport Codes
Target Intelligence PackageMilitary
Telemedicine Instrumentation PackBritish Medicine
terminal interphalangealBritish Medicine
Thrust Inlet PressureNASA
Time Interval ProcessorNASA
Today's Important PointJournals
Trafficking In PersonsMilitary
Translation-Inhibiting ProteinBritish Medicine
Treatment Improvement ProtocolsMedical
Trend impact projectPlanning

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