What does TN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TN:



Telephone NumberTelecom
Total NumberUnclassified
Total NitrogenEnvironmental
Top NotchUnclassified
True NorthNews & Media
Treasury NoteUS Government
SetswanaLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Trigeminal NeuralgiaVeterinary
Third NumberMathematics
Team NewsNews & Media
Tracking NumberUnclassified
Target NumberMilitary
The NthUnclassified
Thursday NextDays Abbreviations
Trade NaftaFunnies
Twisted NematicUnclassified
Training and NutritionSports
Truncated NormalAssembly
Translator's NoteNews & Media
True NegativeStatistics
Tasting NotesUnclassified
True NegativesUnclassified
Tuned AirEnvironmental
Table NameUnclassified
Traditional NeighborhoodUnclassified
Titanium NitrideUnclassified
Trade NonUnclassified
Text NextAssembly
Temporary NumberPhysics
Transfer NumberLibraries
Trento (Province)Italian
Turbo NavigatorSoftware
The NucleosynthesisUnclassified
Tom NousaineUnclassified
Taub NutUnclassified
Twill NylonProducts
Thai NationCountries
Twisted NematicsUnclassified
Transient NeighborsCommunity
Term NamesUnclassified
Tool NamesUnclassified
Traffic NameUnclassified
Treaty NationUS Government
Treaty NationalsUnited Nations
Tribal NewUnclassified
Titanium NitrateUnclassified
Teflon NickelUnclassified
Tehsil NazimPolitics
Tunneling NetworkNetworking
Traineeship NomineeOccupation & Positions
Toy NomuraUnclassified
True NaftaUS Government
Texas and Northern Railway CompanyRailroads
Tarifa NarrowsRegional
Toilet NationFunnies
Troppe NoteUnclassified
The Torsion NumberUnclassified
Taders NoteUnclassified
Teppy NoteUnclassified
Tamil NaduIndia States
Technical NoteNASA
TonUnit Measures
TrillionUnit Measures
Translator NotesUnclassified
Twenty NineUnclassified
True NeutralUnclassified
Air Tahiti NuiUnclassified
Theater NukeTheater
Treaty NAFTAUnclassified
Trade NationalUnclassified
Triple NegativeUnclassified
Temporary NonUnclassified
The NumberUnclassified
Talent NetworkUnclassified
Tennessee NashvilleUnclassified
Toal NobjockUnclassified
Tony AnUnclassified
Transport NodeUnclassified
Tube NotcherUnclassified
Twister NematicUnclassified
Tamil Nadu, IndiaState & Local
Ted NugentNames and Nicknames
Terrestrial NeutralAcademic & Science
Texas and Northern RailwayRailroads
Theoretical NoveltyChess
Trade NameProducts
Transaction NumberBanking
Transportation NationCompanies & Firms

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