What does TNE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TNE:



The Next EpisodeNews & Media
Test No EsterChemistry
Trusted Network EnvironmentNetworking
Trans- National EducationUniversities
Technical Sales and Service of New England, Inc.Companies & Firms
Tanegashima, JapanAirport Codes
Trans- Nasal EsophagoscopyPhysiology
Tele Norte Leste ParticipacoNYSE Symbols
Time of Next EventAstronomy
Therapeutic Neuroscience EducationNeurology
Tarjeta Nacional EstudiantilUnclassified
Testosterone No EsterUnclassified
The Net EffectUnclassified
Tangible Net EquityUnclassified
Teachers for a New EraEducational
The New EraUnclassified
Type of Named EntityUnclassified
TAFE New EnglandUnclassified
Tal Number of ElementsUnclassified
Tal Number of EmployeesEmployment
Tarjeta Nacional Del EstudianteSpanish
Technology One LtdASX Symbols
The Networked EnterpriseUnclassified
The Never EndingMusic
The New EverydayUnclassified
The Next ENTERpriseUnclassified
Trans Nasal EndoscopyUnclassified
Trans Nasal EsophagoscopyUnclassified
Tris NaCl EDTAUnclassified
Tropical Northeast AtlanticLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
The New EuropeanNews & Media
Transmission Network ApplicationsNetworking

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