What does TOT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TOT:



Training Of TrainersEducational
Terms Of TradeInternational Business
Test Of TimePhysics
Transient Occupancy TaxUS Government
Transfer Of TechnologyMilitary
Tower Of TerrorScience Fiction
Trail Of TearsUS Government
The One TrueReligion
Time On TargetMilitary
Train Of ThoughtsNews & Media
Type Of TreeBotany
Templars Of TwilightScience Fiction
Teachers Of TomorrowUniversities
Taste Of ThaiFood & Nutrition
Trick Or TreaterCommunity
Top Of TreeGeology
Total Fina, S. A.NYSE Symbols
Times Of TribulationCommunity
Typical Operating TemperaturePhysics
Terribly Off TopicChat
Total Oberaffengeile TussieGerman
Two Oceans ToastmastersToastmasters
Tax Our TouristsPolitics
Temporary Off TopicChat
Terrorists Of ThailandUnited Nations
Temperature Oxygen TimeHospitals
Turn(ed) over to:US Government
The Oldgames TimesNews & Media
Tools Of the TradeUnclassified
Texas Oil ToolsUnclassified
Tubular Orthosis for TorticollisUnclassified
Take Over TestEducational
Taste Of ThailandUnclassified
Tournament Of TheUnclassified
Time On TaskUnclassified
Total Energy Services IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Trike Optional TourUnclassified
Talk of the TownUnclassified
Telephone Organization of ThailandUnclassified
Trick or TreatingUnclassified
Top Of theTopsUnclassified
Teishokuya Of TokyoUnclassified
Títeres Objetos TeatroUnclassified
Theology on TapUnclassified
tal Of TransmissionUnclassified
Teams of TomorrowUnclassified
Temple o TrunksUnclassified
Threads Of TimeUnclassified
Time Over TargetUnclassified
Tip of TreeUnclassified
Tone On ToneUnclassified
Tons Of TimeChat
Train Omnibus TramUnclassified
Transformation of TechnologyTechnology
Trick Or TreathUnclassified
Trot on TuesdayUnclassified
Tummy Out TuesdayUnclassified
Thought Of TransformationYouth
Total ProduceLondon Stock Exchange
Trick Or TreatFestivals

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