What does TPP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TPP:



Thiamine PyrophosphateLaboratory
Teppco Partners, L. P.NYSE Symbols
Thermal Protective PerformanceElectronics
Teachers Pension PlanOccupation & Positions
Text Presentation ProgramGeneral Computing
Tarapoto, PeruAirport Codes
Toward Peak PerformanceSports
Transaction Processing PerformanceGeneral Computing
Total Possible PointsSports
Total Physical ProductProducts
Thermal Protective PropertiesProducts
The Polar PageInternet
Timed Paired PracticeSports
Borland Pascal Protected Mode UnitsFile Extensions
Total Pitching PerformanceNews & Media
Trans Pacific PartnershipUS Government
The Principle PartnershipUnclassified
Twitch Plays PokemonUnclassified
Thermal Power PlantPhysics
Time Place and PersonMiscellaneous
Ternary Pulse PositionPhysiology
Tense Political PressurePolitics
Third-Person PerspectiveGaming
Trans-Pacific PartnershipInternational Business
The Pagan PoppetUnclassified
FLAMES template file (Ternion Corporation)File Extensions
Transport Policies & ProgrammesorBritish Medicine
Techno Plastic ProductsPlastics
Tenancy Preservation ProgramUnclassified
tal Plasma ProteinUnclassified
Tangible Personal PropertyUnclassified
Technology and Policy ProgramTechnology
Teen Pregnancy PreventionPrevention
Terminal Procedure PublicationUnclassified
Terminal Procedures PublicationUnclassified
The Phantom PainUnclassified
Thermal Proteome ProfilingUnclassified
Third Person PerspectiveUnclassified
Top Property PartnersUnclassified
Trade for People and PlanetUnclassified
Trans Proteomic PipelineUnclassified
Transfer Preparation ProgramUnclassified
Tuition Paying ParentUnclassified
Target Product ProfileFDA
Technical Plan ProposalIT
Telemetry PreprocessorIT
Temporary Parking PermitAutomotive
Test Participation PlanIT
Tested Proof PressureIT
Texel Per PixelIT
The Phoenix PartnershipBritish Medicine
Third Party ProcessorIT
Third Party ProductsIT
Third Party ProtocolIT
Third Party ProviderIT
Third-Party ProcessorBritish Medicine
Throttle Position PotentiometerAutomotive
Tire Protection PlanAutomotive
Total Package ProcurementIT
Total Plasma ProteinBritish Medicine
Total Purchasing ProjectBritish Medicine
Total Purchasing ProjectorBritish Medicine
Touch Panel PenIT
Training Project PlanIT
Traitors Protecting ProfitsLaw & Legal
Transfer Parent ProcessIT
Tread Pattern PercentageAutomotive
Tri-Phenyl PhosphoramideChemistry
Trust Patient PanelBritish Medicine
Twips Per PixelIT

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