What does TRM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TRM:



Technical Reference ModelMilitary
Technical Reference ManualMilitary
Time Reversal MirrorPhysics
TCW/DW Term Trust 2002 (de-listed)NYSE Symbols
This Recognizes MusicSoftware
Tile Reference MapProducts
Total Resource ManagementCompanies & Firms
Transaction Recovery MethodNetworking
Thermal Airport, Thermal, California USAAirport Codes
Thermal Remanent MagnetizationGeology
This Runs MurkilyFunnies
Windows 3.x Terminal settings fileFile Extensions
Tommy's Rambunctious MindFunnies
Trump Resistance MovementUnclassified
Test Results ManagerUnclassified
thermoremanent magnetizationGeology
Treatment Related MortalityUnclassified
tal Relationship MarketingMarketing
Technical Relationship ManagementManagement
Technical Resource ManagementManagement
The Rain ManUnclassified
Transmission Reliability MarginUnclassified
Trauma Resiliency ModelUnclassified
Therapy Resources ManagementManagement
Tacoma Rescue MissionUnclassified
Talent Relationship ManagementManagement
Technical Relationship ManagerUnclassified
The Robards MethodUnclassified
Thermal Range ModelUnclassified
Thika Road MallUnclassified
Training Resource ModelUnclassified
Turf Reinforcement MatUnclassified
Teacher Really MadChat
Technical Review MeetinigMilitary
Tele Radio MedicineMedical
Truscott Mining Corporation, LTD.ASX Symbols

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