What does TRUMP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TRUMP:



Terrible Racist Unqualified Misogynistic PresidentFunnies
The Reason USA Must PrayFunnies
Tally Repugnant Unbalanced Maleficent PoliticianFunnies
Terrifically Rated Uniquely Masterfull PresidentFunnies
This Republican Understands Major PatriotismFunnies
Tweet Really Unique Messages PleaseFunnies
Truly Repugnant Underhanded Malevolent PoliticianFunnies
Trump Really Upsets Most ProgressivesFunnies
The Reason U Must PayFunnies
Trump Respectfully Uplifts Majestic PolicemenFunnies
Trump's Rally Uplifts Mississippi PerfectlyFunnies
Trump Really Understands MAGA PotentialFunnies
Trump's Rallys Uplift Muchas PersonasFunnies
Talking Rubbish Under Mad PresidentFunnies
Taxes Reduced Usually Means ProsperityFunnies
Trump's Reelection Upsets Malicious ProgressivesFunnies
Taxes Raised Usually Means PovertyFunnies
Trump Reducing Unemployment Means ProsperityFunnies
Terrorist Riots Underwrittenby Marxist PartyFunnies
Trump's Rally Uplifts Mighty PennsylvaniaFunnies
Tulsa's Rally Uplifted Marvelous PeopleFunnies
Trump Really Uplifts Mexicanos ProudlyFunnies
Trump Republicans UpliftAmerica's Majesty ProudlyFunnies
Trust Rendered Under Mad PresidentFunnies
Terrorists Run Under Many PlacesFunnies
Terrible Riots Undermine Mad ProgressivesFunnies
Trump Realizes Unique aMerican PotentialFunnies
Trump's Rallys Uplift Masses of PeopleFunnies
Toledo's Rally Uplifted Masses of PeopleFunnies
Trump's Rally Upgrades Michigan's ProsperityFunnies
Trump's Rally Uplifts Marvelous People Of New JerseyFunnies
Trump Raises Up Mainstream PresscorpFunnies
Trump Really Undercuts Massive PolitbureauFunnies
Trump Really Upstages Maxine & PelosiFunnies
Trump Riles Up MSNBC ProudlyFunnies
Trump's Rallys Upset Mad ProgressivesFunnies
Tyrannical Rioters Undermine Magnificent PortlandFunnies
Terrific Republican Upstanding Mike PenceFunnies
The Really Unique Man PantiesFunnies
Triumphantly Resisting Underhanded Mainstream ProgressivesFunnies
Trump Raises Up Mighty PhoenixFunnies
Trump Rallys Undermine Marxist PartyFunnies
Trump Really Understands Mitagating PandemicsFunnies
Trump Really Unloads on Mean ProgressivesFunnies
Trump's Ralleys Upstage Mainstream PravdaFunnies
Trump's Rally Uplifted Minneapolis PerfectlyFunnies
Trump's Rally Uplifts Milwaukee ProudlyFunnies
Totally Ruthless Underminding Mental PsychopathUS Government

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