What does TSA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TSA:



Transportation Security AdministrationUS Government
Tax Sheltered AnnuityStock Exchange
Tryptic Soy AgarFood & Nutrition
Technology Student AssociationEducational
Tourette Syndrome AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Time Stamping AuthorityNetworking
The Sports Authority, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Transformation Story ArchiveNews & Media
Time Series AnalysisMathematics
Technology Students AssociationUniversities
Tribunal Superior AgrarioMexican
Target Service AgentNetworking
Thousands Standing AroundFunnies
Tuberous Sclerosis AllianceNon-Profit Organizations
Tax Sheltered AccountStock Exchange
The Silent AssassinsMilitary
Theater Storage AreaMilitary
Taking Scissors AwayLaw & Legal
Taxiway Safety AreaTransportation
Tryptone Soy AgarUnclassified
Transportation Safety AgencyTransportation
Thinking Skills AssessmentUnclassified
Tilt Sound ActivatedElectronics
Technology Students of AmericaUniversities
Target Signature ArrayMilitary
Taxpayer Soaking AgencyFunnies
Tech Support AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Travel Services of AkumalCompanies & Firms
Take Scissors AwayFunnies
Tempe Sports AuthoritySports
Terminating Switched AccessTelecom
Transportation Superstition AdministrationFunnies
Tilt Sensor ActivationHardware
Temporal and Statistical AbstractionsNews & Media
Tri-State AmbulanceCompanies & Firms
The Star AvalancheNews & Media
Technical Students of AmericaStudents
Take Shoes AwayTransportation
Ten Supervisors ApieceFunnies
They'll Steal AnythingLaw & Legal
Test Suite AdministrationSoftware
Testicular Self AnalysisPhysiology
Tempeal Secerty AgencyAgencies
Template for Specification AuthoringMilitary
Tilt And Sound ActivatedUnclassified
Those Silly AssesFunnies
Transition Service AgreementBusiness
Those Stupid A**holesUnclassified
Technology Student AssosiationStudents
Transportation Security AssociationProfessional Organizations
The Salvation ArmyNon-Profit Organizations
Thermally Sprayed AluminumConstruction
Total Survey AreaGeology
Turbine Supply AgreementBusiness
Transportation Safety AdministrationTransportation
Thousands Standing ArchivesUnclassified
Turtle Survival AllianceBiology
Technology, Success, and AchievementManagement
Terrorist Supporting AgencyAgencies
Texas Society of AnesthesiologistsSocieties
Transpacific Stabilization AgreementUnclassified
Sung Shan, TaiwanAirport Codes
Taking Sense AwayUnclassified
Taiwanese Student AssociationAssociations
tal Security AbyssCyber & Security
tal Shoulder ArthroplastyUnclassified
Terminally Slow AgencyAgencies
Territory-wide System AssessmentGeneral Business
Texas Society of ArchitectsSocieties
Thorough Sexual AssaultLaw & Legal
Time Stops AltogetherUnclassified
Toluene Sulfonic AcidChemistry
Touch Some AUnclassified
Toxic Shock AntigenUnclassified
Transportation Security Administration'sTransportation
Trypticase Soy AgarUnclassified
Target System AnalysisMilitary
Teaching school alliancesProfessional Organizations
Test Start ApprovalNASA
The savage associationAssociations
Theosophical Society in AmericaSocieties
Transport Safety AuthorityAuthorities
Transportation Security ActLegislation
Travel Security AdvisoryMilitary

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