What does TSSS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TSSS:



Triple S Plastics, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Time Space Sharing SchedulingUnclassified
Trivandrum Social Service SocietySocieties
TIBCO Spotfire Statistics ServicesStatistics
Teresa Sacadura Santos SilvaUnclassified
Turner Syndrome Support SocietySocieties
TUKS Student Surgical SocietySurgical
Tak Sun Secondary SchoolSchools
Tartu Semiotics Summer SchoolSchools
Teaching for Student Success SymposiumStudents
Tendring Specialist Stroke ServicesUnclassified
Thickness Sensitive Spectrally SelectiveUnclassified
Tirunelveli Social Service SocietySocieties
Total Station Survey SystemUnclassified
Townsville Secondary School SportsSports
Tsukuba Software Science SeminarSoftware
Toyota Star Safety SystemAutomotive

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