What does TOAD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand TOAD:



Tobyhanna Army DepotMilitary
Toggle Only Actuated DeviceHardware
Tool for Oracle Application DevelopmentDatabases
Travel Outdoor Adventure DestinationsSports
Ten On A DeskGeneral Business
Take Over And DestroyMilitary
Tool for Oracle Application DevelopersUnclassified
Take Off and DieUnclassified
Toggle Only Actuated DevicesUnclassified
Testing Observability And DevopsUnclassified
The Oxford Artisan DistilleryUnclassified
Teach Organize Assemble DisseminateUnclassified
Today or Any DayUnclassified
Those Outspoken Against DrugsUnclassified
Technology Overload Attention DeficitTechnology
Terahertz Optical Asymmetric DemultiplexerUnclassified
Timing of Androgen DeprivationUnclassified
Top Of Atmosphere to DetectorAtmosphere
Towed Optical Assessment DeviceUnclassified
Trashed Object Abandoned in DisgustQuilting

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