What does UCLA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UCLA:



University of California, Los AngelesUniversities
University of California Los AngelesPhysics
Under Construction Like AlwaysInternet
University Center for Learning AssistanceUniversities
University of Caucasians Lost AmongFunnies
Used Cadaver Legs and ArmsLaboratory
U Clowns Lose AgainFunnies
University of Caucasians Living AmongFunnies
Upper Corner of Lower AlabamaStates
Unbelievable Cheaters Lure AustraliansFunnies
U Can Lose AgainSports
United Caucasians Living AmongFunnies
University of California for Lower AchieversFunnies
Unable to Contain Lubick's AttackFunnies
United Colon Lovers AssociationProfessional Organizations
University of California Liberals and AtheistsFunnies
U Can Listen AnywayFunnies
U See Los AngelesFunnies
University of Central Los AngelesFunnies
Universityrsity of California Los AngelesUniversities
Under Construction in Los AngelesFunnies
U Can't Learn AnythingFunnies
Unimproved Carolina Loses AgainFunnies
Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro AlvaradoUnclassified
Uptown Cookie and Loaf AcademyFunnies
Upscale Childcare Los AngelesAcademic Degrees
Usual College of Lost AtheistsFunnies
University of Confused Liberal AsiansFunnies
U Clowns LOST AgainUnclassified
Universal Clearance Limited AbutmentUnclassified
Uptown Carwash Los AngelesFunnies
Unique Colonoscopy Learning AdventureAcademic Degrees
Universally Californicate Los AtheistsUniversities
University of California at Los AngelesUniversities
University of Colonoscopy Los AngelesFunnies
University of Cubafornia Los AngelesUniversities
University of Cumifonia Los A**holesFunnies
Upscale Childcare Learning AcademyAcademic Degrees

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