What does UDP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UDP:



User Datagram ProtocolMilitary
Unitary Development PlanMilitary
User Data ProtocolNetworking
Usenet Death PenaltyChat
Unreliable Datagram ProtocolFunnies
Ulster Democratic PartyPolitics
UnderDrive PulleyTransportation
Unreliable Datagram PacketFunnies
User Defined PrimitiveUnclassified
User Defined ProcedureAssembly
Uniform Datagram ProtocolUnclassified
Unreliable Data ProtocolUnclassified
Undergraduate Degree ProgramUniversities
Unit Deployment PackageMilitary
Umpire Development ProgramSports
Uridine Di- PhosphatePhysiology
User Datagram PacketsUnclassified
Up Down PairTelecom
Universal Data PortNetworking
Undefined Destination PacketNetworking
Universal Data PacketsUnclassified
Unacknowledged Data ProtocolUnclassified
Universal Digital PlayerUnclassified
Unión Democrática de PensionesSpanish
Unix Data ProtocolUnix
Usurious Department Of ProtocolUnited Nations
Undying Data PacketgramsUnclassified
Uridine Diphosphate A PhosphorilatedUnclassified
Upset Deadly PandasUnclassified
Undiagnosed Diseases ProgramDiseases
Uridine DiPhosphate The processUnclassified
A Universal Delivery ProtocolUnclassified
Unified Development PlatformDevelopment
United Dairy PowerUnclassified
Ugly Duckling PresseUnclassified
Unity Distribution PortalUnclassified
Utility Discount ProgramsUnclassified
Unit Deployment ProgramMilitary
United Democratic PartyPolitics
Unreliable Damn ProtocolFunnies

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