What does UFN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UFN:



Ultimate Fight NightSports
Until Further NoticeMilitary
UserFriendly NetworkCompanies & Firms
Uspekhi Fizicheskikh NaukUnclassified
User Friendly NamingNetworking
Utbildnings- och FritidsNämndensUnclassified
Unambiguous File NameGeneral Computing
UFC Fight NightUnclassified
United Florist NetworkUnclassified
Unidade de Farmacovigilância do NorteFarming & Agriculture
U F N Until Further NoticeUnclassified
United Federation of NationsFederation
Universal Fighting NetworkUnclassified
Underground Fragging NetworkUnclassified
Ucluelet First NationUnclassified
Ultimate Fitness NutritionFitness
unbalanced Feistel networksUnclassified
United Family NetworkUnclassified
Unreamed Femoral NailUnclassified
Urban Fight NightUnclassified

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