What does UH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UH:



University of HawaiiUniversities
University of HoustonUniversities
University of Hawaii, HonoluluOcean Science
Utility HelicopterMilitary
Unable To HearChemistry
University HospitalHospitals
Union HillState & Local
Ultimate HeroMilitary
Universal HovercraftCompanies & Firms
Unlikely HeroOccupation & Positions
Unlikely HeroesUnclassified
U S Home CorporationNYSE Symbols
UniĆ³n HispanaSpanish
Udder HealthHealthcare
Ulf HannerzUnclassified
Unstable HelixHuman Genome
Unity HotelCompanies & Firms
Urban And HauserUnclassified
Unterberg and HeilinleCompanies & Firms
University of HeartUniversities
Ultimate HealingUnclassified
University of HeavyUniversities
Ultimate HunterUnclassified
Unit HydrographOcean Science
University of HavanaFunnies
Utada HikaruUnclassified

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