What does UNN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UNN:



University of Northumbria at NewcastleUniversities
University News NetworkUniversities
Underground News NetworkNews & Media
United Native NationsGovernmental
Ranong, ThailandAirport Codes
University Neighborhood NetworkUniversities
University of Nigeria NsukkaUniversities
Universitetssykehuset Nord NorgeUnclassified
Universe News NetworkNews & Media
Ur Not NiceUnclassified
Ukrainian National NewsNews & Media
Undercurrents News NetworkNews & Media
Universal News NetworkNews & Media
University of Nizhni NovgorodUniversities
UN Nutrition NetworkFood & Nutrition
Unicaf News NetworkNews & Media
Union of Northern NigeriaUnions
United Nations NavyNavy
United Nations NominateUnited Nations
Universidad del Norte de NicaraguaUnclassified
University of Nizhny NovgorodUniversities
University of Nigeria, NsukkaUniversities

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