What does UPS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UPS:



United Parcel ServiceTransportation
Un-interruptable Power SupplyMilitary
United Parcel Service, Inc.NYSE Symbols
University of Puget SoundUniversities
Universal Power SupplyElectronics
Ultraviolet Photoelectron SpectroscopyElectronics
Uniterruptible Power SupplyElectronics
Updates Per SecondUnit Measures
Usually Pretty SlowNetworking
User Profile SystemNetworking
Unbelievably Poor ServiceFunnies
Universally Poor ServiceFunnies
Unbelievably Pulverized ShipmentsFunnies
Ultra Poor ServiceFunnies
Unequaled Package SmashersFunnies
Useless Poor ServiceFunnies
User Profile StoreGeneral Computing
Un-Predictable ServiceFunnies
Unmitigated Package SmashersFunnies
Useless Power SupplyFunnies
Unbelievably Pathetically SlowFunnies
Unilateral Phase SystemPhysics
United Produce ServiceCompanies & Firms
Uncommonly Poor ServiceFunnies
Use Purolator ServiceFunnies
United Pediatric ServicesCompanies & Firms
Unusual Points SituationMilitary
Universal Port SerialHardware
Unity Peace SerenityReligion
United Pop StarsNews & Media
Uriahs Pony ServiceCompanies & Firms
Universal Player SystemNews & Media
Ultra Perfect ServiceNetworking
Unintentional Packet SwitchNetworking
Unit Power SupplyComputing
Unparalleled Pooch SurveillanceDogs Related
United Problem SolversUnclassified
Unusual Pulling SystemFunnies
Universal Packing SystemUnclassified
Unsatisfactory Poor ServiceFunnies
Unbelievably Ponderously SlowFunnies
Uninterruptible Power SupplyUnclassified
United Pie StandsFood & Nutrition
Un-Prepared SpeakingToastmasters
Under-Paid SlaveOccupation & Positions
Ultimate Plane ServiceUnclassified
Undelivered Parcel ServiceUnclassified
Under Paid SlavesUnclassified
Uniform Power StorageUnclassified
Unintentional Power SupplyUnclassified
Uninterrupted power sourceUnclassified
Uninterrupted Power SuppliesUnclassified
Uninterrupted Power SupplyUnclassified
Uninterruptible Power SourceUnclassified
Uninterruptible Power SuppliesUnclassified
Uninterruptible Power SystemUnclassified
Uninterupted Power SupplyUnclassified
Union Pacific RailroadRailroads
University Policy StatementUniversities
Unreliable Postal ServiceFunnies
Unusually Poor SatanosphereFunnies
Useless Parcel ServiceFunnies
Using Professional SoundUnclassified
Utter Parcel S***Funnies
Utter Parcel Sh*tUnclassified
Ubiquitin/Proteasome SystemBiology
Ultra Power SaverGeneral Computing
Un-interruptible Power SourceElectronics
United Postal ServiceTransportation
Universal Polar StereographicGeography
Upright Perigee StageNASA

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