What does UT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand UT:



University of TexasUniversities
Unreal TournamentSports
University of TorontoUniversities
University of TennesseeUniversities
Upon TerminationGeneral Business
University of TokyoUniversities
Urinary TractPhysiology
Universal Time (replaced GMT in 1928)News & Media
Unit TestingMilitary
University of TwenteUniversities
Ultrasonic TestingElectronics
Unit of TimeUnit Measures
Unit TestGeneral Computing
Union TerritoryGeneral Business
Ultimate TestSoftware
Upper TriangularMathematics
User TypeAssembly
User TimeMilitary
Upper ThresholdElectronics
User TestMilitary
Unfinished TalesNews & Media
Ultrasonic TestElectronics
Ultra TorqueTransportation
Unfinished ThoughtNews & Media
Upper TurkeyfootRegional
Unit TrainingMilitary
Unreleased TrackNews & Media
Unique ToysCompanies & Firms
Unlimited TalentNews & Media
Universal TerminalGeneral Computing
Uniform TransmissionNetworking
Unscented TransformationClothing
Under TippingFunnies
Unauthorized TranslationNews & Media
Uncertain TextNews & Media
Under TackleNFL Teams
Undersea TechnologiesOcean Science
University of TomorrowReligion
Ultimate TrooperLaw & Legal
Utopia TimesNews & Media
Upper TrimAircraft & Aviation
Upper TrafficTransportation
University of ThugsFunnies
Uni TopiaScience Fiction
United Transformer CorporationSuppliers
Unplayed TieSports
Unión TradicionalistaSpanish
Universal Time (now considered as UT0)Time Zones
Uncle TerrenceNames and Nicknames
Utterly TyranicalChat
Urine TherapyHospitals
Universal TimeUnclassified
UV ThankUnclassified
University of TampaUniversities
ustin TopUnclassified
Undisiplined TransferUniversities
Unit TapeHardware
Üretim TarihiTurkish
Un TypableUnclassified
Universal TranslatorUnclassified
Uddhav ThackerayFamous & Celebs
Underrated TalentUnclassified
United TogetherUnclassified
Utah TransitUnclassified
U TriedUnclassified
Uniqlo TUnclassified
Über TwitterInternet
Ugyen TsheringUnclassified
Ultimate TourUnclassified
Ultra ThinUnclassified
Undisciplined TrashFunnies
Unicorn TrailUnclassified
Uniform TubesUnclassified
Universal TourerUnclassified
University of TijuanaAcademic Degrees
University texasUniversities
Ut TUnclassified
Utah TravelTravel & Tourism
Utility TechnicianUnclassified
Ux tUnclassified
Umbilical TowerNASA
Under TackingSports
Undergraduate TermStudents
Unit TesterNASA
Unit TimesMilitary
University of TehranUniversities
Unwanted TermMathematics
Up ToPharmacy
Utility ToolManufacturing

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