What does VA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VA:



Virginia AndUnclassified
Department of Veterans AffairsUS Government
Various ArtistsNews & Media
Value AddedGeneral Business
Veterans AffairsUS Government
Visual ArtsUniversities
Veterans AdministrationVeterans
Holy See (Vatican City State)Countries
Variable AnnuityStock Exchange
Visual acuityPhysiology
Virtual AssistantSoftware
Verbal AbuseLaw & Legal
Volcanic AshMeteorology
Variety AndUnclassified
Vertical AlignmentTransportation
Virtual AddressAssembly
Vertebral ArteryPhysiology
The Veteran's AdministrationUS Government
Video ArchiveUnclassified
Volt AmpereUnit Measures
Virtual AirlineUS Government
Voice ActingUniversities
Veterans AssociationProfessional Organizations
Voice ActorOccupation & Positions
Verem AsisiTurkish
Volt AmperesUnit Measures
Vinyl AsbestosPlastics
Voice ActivatedUnclassified
Very ArtisticOccupation & Positions
Vacuum aspirationPhysiology
Variable ArgumentAssembly
Volt AmpsPhysics
Volt AmpPhysics
Very AwfulFood & Nutrition
Vigilanza AmbientaleUnclassified
Various AnimeFunnies
Variable ArgumentsAssembly
Ventriculo AtrialPhysiology
Valid AgainAssembly
Video AccelerationDrivers
Volume AnalyzerChemistry
Vertical AdapterUnclassified
Virtual AcousticNews & Media
View AttributesGeneral Computing
Virtual ArcadeSports
Vertical AsymptoteMathematics
Veterans AdministrationsVeterans
Vector For AllTransportation
Verbal AbuserLaw & Legal
Voltage AmpsPhysics
Voltage AmperePhysics
Virtual AdeptUnclassified
Verb ActiveUnclassified
Vayu AirCompanies & Firms
Volume Of AlveolarPhysiology
Vector AccumulateAssembly
Vanilla AnonymousUnclassified
Vendor AliasGeneral Business
Varese (Provence)Italian
The Vertex AdditionUnclassified
Vindictive AmazonsFunnies
Veterans Administration (now DVA)Military
Vorzueglich AusleseUnclassified
Vaginas AbolishedUnclassified
Virtual Access (Company)Companies & Firms
Vartinchu To ActFunnies
Voice ActivityTelecom
Ventricular ArrhythmiaBritish Medicine
Very AccountableUnclassified
Viper AssasinsUnclassified
Virtual AgentUnclassified
Vixit AnnosUnclassified
Veteran AdministrationVeterans
Vertex AdditionUnclassified
Veteran AffairsVeterans
Veterans AbandonedVeterans
Veterans AdversariesVeterans
Virtual AnalogUnclassified
Vol ArianeUnclassified
Valproic AcidBritish Medicine
Value AdditionBanking
Vanillic AcidBritish Medicine
Variant AnginaBritish Medicine
Variation AnalysisManufacturing
Variety AUnclassified
Vascular AccessBritish Medicine
Vasodilating AgentBritish Medicine
Vasospastic AnginaBritish Medicine
Vatican City State (Holy See)USPS
Velocity at ApogeeNASA
Ventricular AneurysmBritish Medicine
Veteran’s AdministrationBritish Medicine
Vibration AnalyzerElectronics
Vibro-Acoustic testNASA
Victim AdvocateMilitary
Victoria and AlbertNames and Nicknames
Virginia AlotUnclassified
Virginia AnUnclassified
Voice Actor / Voice ActressUnclassified
Volumetric AnalysisAcademic & Science
Voluntary ActionBritish Medicine
Voluntary AidedBritish Medicine
Vote AccountBritish Medicine
Vulnerability AssessmentMilitary

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