What does VAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VAT:



Value added taxGeneral Business
Valued Added TaxEducational
Visceral Adipose TissuePhysiology
Vinyl Asbestos TileHousing & Amenities
Values Action TeamGeneral Business
Vatomandry, MadagascarAirport Codes
Variable Allocation TableAssembly
Video Audio TextNews & Media
Vertical Aviation Technologies, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Völlig Anderes ThemaGerman
Value Added ToolSoftware
Video Assisted ThoroscopyPhysiology
Voluntary Aid TaxEducational
Virtual Appalachian TrailNetworking
Vans Audio ToolSoftware
Very Acute TipPhysiology
Voice Application TechnologyTechnology
Video Assisted ThoracoscopicUnclassified
Virtual Anaesthesia TextbookNetworking
Value Added TaxesTax
Virtual Allocation TableNetworking
Vibro-Acoustic TestNASA
Variant Annotation ToolNetworking
Vibro Acoustic TestUnclassified
Visual Adaptive TrainingUnclassified
Value-added taxTax
View Assist TechnologyAcademic & Science
Visual Audio ToolSoftware

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