What does VBR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VBR:



Variable Bit RateTelecom
Vinnell, Brown, and RootCompanies & Firms
Varsity Brands, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Visions Become RealityEducational
VärnamoBygdens RyttarföreningCompanies & Firms
Visual Basic Custom Control fileFile Extensions
Virgin Branson RichardFunnies
Very Best RegardsUnclassified
Valid Business ReasonBusiness
Ventricle to Brain RatioUnclassified
Vail Board of REALTORSReal Estate
Vinnell Brown and RootUnclassified
Visual Basic RemoteUnclassified
Vertebral Body ReplacementUnclassified
Vacant Building RegistrationUnclassified
Values Based RecruitmentGeneral Business
Veeam Backup ReplicationUnclassified
Video Bandwidth ReductionUnclassified
Virtual Beacon ReportUnclassified
Volume Boot RecordUnclassified
Vouch By ReferenceAcademic & Science

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