What does VI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VI:



VietnameseLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Virgin IslandsStates
Visual InspectionMilitary
Visually ImpairedPhysiology
Virtually ImpossibleSoftware
Visual InformationMilitary
Viral infectionPhysiology
Vancouver IslandCanadian
Virus IClothing
Visual ImpairmentEducational
Vi ImprovedSoftware
Village InnCompanies & Firms
Visual InterfaceElectronics
Virtual InterfaceGeneral Computing
Visual InputElectronics
Viscosity IndexChemistry
Very IntuitiveUniversities
Virtual InstrumentationElectronics
Verbo IntransitivoLanguage & Literature
Virtual InstrumentSoftware
Very IntimidatingSports
Very InquisitiveOccupation & Positions
Visual InUnclassified
Visual IsUnclassified
Visual InstrumentNews & Media
LabView FileFile Extensions
Verb IntransitiveUnclassified
Very IrritatingUnclassified
Virtual ImpossibilityUnclassified
Veterinary IrelandVeterinary
Validity IntervalUnclassified
Villach InUnclassified
Visual InterpreterOccupation & Positions
Victoria IphigeniaUnclassified
Vim ImitationFunnies
Roman numeral 6Latin
Vertical InterruptHardware
Visual And IsUnclassified
Vector InverterUnclassified
LABView Virtual Instrument fileFile Extensions
Venom IncarnateUnclassified
Virtual InfosystemUnclassified
Vehicle IgnoreTransportation
Watcom Vi editor Script fileFile Extensions
Jovian Logic VI video capture board Bitmap graphicsFile Extensions
Vivacious IndeedChat
Vicenza (provence)Italian
Views InitializeUnclassified
VI isUnclassified
Virgin IslandUnclassified
Virtual ImplicatedLaw & Legal
Vermiculite InstituteProfessional Organizations
Victory IssueUnclassified
Internal VelocityNASA
Value IncludedAccounting
Vendor InvoiceAccounting
Vertical InjectorConstruction
Vibration InstituteSocieties
Virgin Islands (US)USPS
Virtual IntelligenceBusiness
VIsual editorUnix

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