What does VN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VN:



Viet NamUS Government
Version NumberSoftware
Von NeumannGeneral Computing
Virtual NetworkTelecom
Volume NumberNetworking
Very NewClothing
Vault NetworkUnclassified
Virtual NodeNetworking
Verbal NounUnclassified
Visual NewsNews & Media
Versatile NewfoundlandDogs Related
Variance NoticeState & Local
Vida NuevaGuatemalan
Very NewlywedUnclassified
Very NiceTexting
Visual NovelMiscellaneous
Verenigde Nasies (Dutch: United Nations)United Nations
Variant NigelUnclassified
Vietnam NationalityUnclassified
von NeumannsUnclassified
Vietnam NewsNews & Media
Value for NeuronUnclassified
Vampire NightUnclassified
Ventspils NaftaUnclassified
VietNam andUnclassified
VietNam NETUnclassified
Vocational NurseNursing

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