What does VOICE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VOICE:



Victims Of Incest Can EmergeCommunity
Voluntary Organization In Community EnterpriseCommunity
Volunteer Observers Impacting Community EffortCommunity
Vienna Oxford International Corpus Of EnglishEnglish
Victim Offender Information Caller EmissaryLaw & Legal
Vocational Opportunities In Christian ExperienceReligion
Vocal Oklahomans In Civil EngagementCommunity
Voicing Our Intelligence to Challenge EducationUniversities
Value Of Implementing Consumer EmpowermentCommunity
Volunteer Organizers In Construction EmpowermentConstruction
Vanquish Our Invisible Common EnemyScience Fiction
Virtual Office Information For Corporate EnvironmentsUnclassified
Voluntary Organizations International Communications EnablementUnclassified
Visionaries Of Imminent Consciousness ExpansionUnclassified
Virtual Online Interactive Church EventsReligion
Vision, Organization, Information, Community, And ExcellenceCommunity
Valuable Offerings In Childrens EducationEducational
Vision Organization Information Community And ExcellenceCommunity
Volunteer Organizer In Construction EmpowermentConstruction
Victims Option In The Campus EnvironmentUniversities
Valuable Opinions In Community And EducationEducational
Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in EmergenciesUnclassified
Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community EngagementCommunity
Voices Of Innocent Citizens EmpoweredUnclassified
Victims of Immigration Crime EngagementImmigration
Volatile Observation Integrating Colonic EmphasesUnclassified
Vietnamese Organization Inspiring Cultural EngagementCulture
Vocal Outpouring Inspiring Catholic EvangelizationReligion
of Irish Concern for the EnvironmentIrish
Valuable Opinions Innovating Customer ExperienceUnclassified
Virtual Os International Consumer EducationEducational
Vision Of the Ideal College EnvironmentColleges
Vision Organization Integrity Communication and ExecutionUnclassified
Visualizing Opportunities In Character and EnglishEnglish
Voices Of Individuals Conveying ExperiencesUnclassified
Volunteer Outreach In Communities EverywhereCommunity
Versatile Oral Information for Communication and ExpressionAcademic & Science

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