What does VTE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VTE:



Venous thromboembolismPhysiology
Vientiane, LaosAirport Codes
Venue Ticket ExchangeCompanies & Firms
Vicarious Trial and ErrorLaw & Legal
Voltri Terminal Europa, S.p.A.Companies & Firms
Video Teleconferencing EducationUniversities
Varese Tecnologie Elettroniche, S. R. L.Companies & Firms
View Text EditNews & Media
Vocational and Technical EducationEducational
Vertical Triple Expansion (engine)Products
Volume Tidal ExhaledMedical
Venous Thrombo EmbolismUnclassified
Vacuum Thermal EvaporationUnclassified
Video Transfer EngineUnclassified
Virtual Terminal EmulatorUnclassified
Virtual Transformation EngineUnclassified
Variable Thrust EngineNASA
Venous Thromboembolic EventsMedical
Vent To ExhaustAutomotive
Ventricular Tachycardic EventBritish Medicine
Video Tape EditingIT
Virtual Training EnvironmentUnclassified
Volvo Trucks EspanaAutomotive
Vormetric Transparent EncryptionIT

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