What does VTEC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VTEC:



Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic ControlTransportation
Valve Timing Electronic ControlTransportation
Variable Timing Electronic ControlElectronics
Very Tall Engine CoolantFunnies
Very Tiny Engine ComponentFunnies
Valid Time Event CodeMeteorology
Visalia TEChnical High SchoolSchools
Very Terrifying Economy CarFunnies
Virtually Torqueless Engine CrutchFunnies
Verjapes Tehranits Ekank CaliforniaUnclassified
Vero-Toxigenic Escherichia ColiPhysiology
Visualization Technologies for Environmental CurriculaEnvironmental
Vocational Training and Education CentreSchools
Very Tight European CoochieFunnies
Volcano TECtonics LaboratoryGeology
Veterans To Energy CareersEnergy
Visalia Technical Early CollegeColleges
Valid Time Event CodingSoftware
Valid Time Extent CodeUnclassified
Very Tall Engine CompartmentFunnies
Vocational Training and Employment CentresEmployment
Variable Temperature Emission ChamberAutomotive
Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli,Medical
Virgin Trains East CoastRailroads
Volvo TechnologyAutomotive

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