What does VVF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VVF:



Verbal-Visual FrameworkLinguistics
Veni Vidi FragiLatin
Village Vacances FamilleCommunity
Vlaamse Vereniging voor FamiliekundeUnclassified
Vesico Vaginal FistulaPhysiology
Vail Valley FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Viande Végétale FiSiFamFood & Nutrition
Vector Valued FunctionsUnclassified
Virtual Visions Finland, LTD.Companies & Firms
Vestico Vagina FistulaSurgical
Vaira Vīķe FreibergaUnclassified
Villages Vacances FamilleUnclassified
Vesico Vaginal FistulaeUnclassified
Vector Valued FunctionMathematics
Vacation Villas at FantasyWorldUnclassified
Viral Vector FacilityUnclassified
Vesicular Vaginal FistulaUnclassified
Virginia Venture FundFunds
Very Very FineUnclassified
Vegetable Vitamins FactoryUnclassified
Vegetable Vitamins FoodFood & Nutrition
Verbal Visual FrameworkUnclassified
Very Very FunnyUnclassified
Vesco Vaginal FistulaUnclassified
Vesico Vaginal FistelUnclassified
Vesico Viginal FistulaUnclassified
victims of Vesicovaginal fistulaUnclassified
Vietnam Veterans FederationFederation
Village Volunteer ForceUnclassified
Virginia Victims FundFunds
VVF Vesicovaginal FistulaUnclassified

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