What does VISION stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand VISION:



Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives Opportunities NowCommunity
Volunteers In Service In Our NationUS Government
Volunteers In Service In Our NeighborhoodsCommunity
Volunteers In Service Internationally Or NationallyNon-Profit Organizations
Virtual Information Space Intelligence And Operations NetworkNASA
Victory In Suffering Inspires Outreach NetworkingReligion
Vision Impairment Screenings and Intervention for Optical NeedsUnclassified
Veterinary Information System Integrated Operational NetworkVeterinary
Vermont Integrated Solution for Information and Organizational NeedsUnclassified
Vision Impairment Screening and Intervention for Optical NeedsUnclassified
Vital Information System to Improve Outcomes in NephrologyUnclassified
Virtual Instruction Student Innovative Organizational NetworkStudents
Visually Impaired Services Input And Outcomes NetworkCommunity
Viable Industry Standard Instructional Opportunity NetUniversities

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