What does WARM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WARM:



Washington Adoption Reunion MovementNon-Profit Organizations
Woodstock Animal Rights MovementAnimals
Weather Adjusted Rate MechanismAccounting
Wartime Reserve ModeMilitary
We're All Role ModelsLaw & Legal
What About Remembering MeChat
What About Remembering Me?Texting
Weatherization And Retrofit MaintenanceNon-Profit Organizations
Wad Auxiliary Resource ManipulatorSoftware
Warm Apparel Recycling MethodsCommunity
Were All Role ModelsUnclassified
Worcester Anglican Renewal MovementReligion
FM-103.3, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaRadio Stations
Welcome Absence Responsibility And MoveReligion
Women's Art Resources of MinnesotaUnclassified
West Anglia Route ModernisationUnclassified
Women as Role ModelsUnclassified
Westerly Area Rest MealsUnclassified
Westerville Area Resource MinistryGovernmental
Wood Association of Richmond MetroAssociations
Weatherization An Repair MinistryGovernmental
Women Assisting Recovering MothersUnclassified
Wrapping Arms Round ManyUnclassified
Water and Atmospheric Resources MonitoringUnclassified
Wisconsin Academy for Rural MedicineMedical
Waste and Recycling ManagementManagement
Water Ammo Rations and MedicalMedical
Waynesboro Area Refuge MinistryGovernmental
We All Really MatterUnclassified
Weatherization and Repair MinistryGovernmental
Weighted Average Remaining MaturityUnclassified
Wilmington Area Rebuilding MinistryGovernmental
World Airplay Radio MonitorUnclassified
Worthwhile Animal Rescue MissionAnimals

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