What does WAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WAT:



Waters CorporationNYSE Symbols
War Against TerrorismUS Government
Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse TaalAfrican
We Are TimeNews & Media
Web Adaptation TechnologySoftware
Wide Angle TailAstronomy
Wide Angle TailedMathematics
Word Associate TestUniversities
Waterford, Republic of IrelandAirport Codes
We Aren't TryingChat
West Africa Time [UTC - 0100]Time Zones
Wolf Attack TeamSports
Wallaby Advanced TacticsSports
Web Activated ToyNetworking
White Adipose TissueUnclassified
Windows Activation TechnologiesSoftware
Working Apart TogetherUnclassified
Web Accessibility ToolbarUnclassified
Walk and TurnUnclassified
West Africa TimeAfrican
Writing Ability TestUnclassified
Wax appearance TemperatureChemistry
What Are Those?Chat
Welcome Any TimeChat
Web Advertising and TechnologyAdvertising
Web Advertising TechnologyAdvertising
Web Archive TransformationUnclassified
Word Association TestEducational
Wafer Acceptance TestUnclassified
Way Ahead of TimeUnclassified
Weight Altitude and TemperatureUnclassified
Wet After TreatmentUnclassified
What Are ThoseUnclassified
Will Act TransientlyUnclassified
Windows Activation TechnologyTechnology
Wojskowa Akademia TechnicznaUnclassified
Women in Agile and TechUnclassified
Work and TravelTravel & Tourism
Written Ability TestUnclassified
Waterco LtdASX Symbols
Web Action TimeNASA
West African TimeMiscellaneous
Who Are They?Chat
Without A TracePolice
Work Adjustment TrainingBritish Medicine
Work Awareness & TransitionEducational
Workforce Action TeamBritish Medicine

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