What does WAVE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WAVE:



Working Against Violence EverywhereLaw & Legal
Nuwave Technologies, Incorporated (de-listed)NASDAQ Symbols
Wavelength Absorption For Visual EnhancementPhysics
Water Alliance For Voluntary EfficiencyOcean Science
Wide Area Vertical ExpansionAstronomy
Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer EmployeesGeneral Business
World Association of Veterinary EducatorsVeterinary
Wide Area Voice ExchangeNetworking
Workshop For Adult Vocational EnrichmentEducational
Work Assessment Vocational EducationEducational
Words Are Very EmpoweringNews & Media
Wide Area Visualization ExperimentalEducational
Walking Attack Vehicle EnhancedMilitary
Wireless Audio Visual EmailTelecom
Wondrously Advantageous Virtual EducationEducational
Wonderful Adolescent Ventilator ExperienceEducational
Waste Annihilated Value EnhancedGeneral Business
We All Value EveryoneCommunity
Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer EmployeeOccupation & Positions
Watershed Action For Virginia's EnvironmentOcean Science
Win A Vacation EasyNews & Media
Worship Action Vertical ExperienceReligion
Wellness Activities For Virtually EveryonePhysiology
Web Access To Virtually EverythingInternet
Women Advocates of Virtue and EdificationPolitics
Women Against Violence And EndangermentLaw & Legal
We Always Value ExcellenceGeneral Business
Watermarks Award For Variety And ExcellenceLaw & Legal
Women Accepted for Voluntary EmergencyUnclassified
Women Against Violence EuropeEuropean
World Advanced Vehicle ExpeditionTransportation
Wireless Access in Vehicular EnvironmentsTelecom
Wartburg Alumni Volunteering For EnrollmentAlumni
Walmart Advanced Vehicle ExperienceTransportation
Wide Area Visualization EnvironmentUnclassified
Wideband Angular Vibration ExperimentUnclassified
Women as Voices and EducatorsEducational
Woodland Access Visual EnterpriseUnclassified
Wausau Area Virtual EducationEducational
Welcomed Assured Valued and EUnclassified
Welcomed Assured Valued and EnergisedUnclassified
Wireless Advanced Vehicle ElectrificationTransportation
WAD (Work Authorization Document) Authoring and Validation EnvironmentNASA
Women of Achievement, Vision, and ExcellenceGeneral Business
Work, Attitude, Values, & EnhanceManagement

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