What does WC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WC:



West CoastState & Local
Workers CompensationOccupation & Positions
Worst CaseGeneral Business
World ClassSports
West CentralRegional
Water ContentLaboratory
Water ColumnMeteorology
Will CallPhysiology
Western CapeAfrican
Who CaresChat
World ChampionSports
Working ClassUS Government
Water ClosetEducational
Wing CommanderMilitary
Wild CardSports
With ColorLaw & Legal
Word CountNews & Media
With CaseGeneral Business
Whipped CreamFood & Nutrition
Women's CollegeColleges
Wall ClockHousing & Amenities
Wild CaughtVeterinary
Work CenterGeneral Business
Wesley ClarkFamous & Celebs
William ChristopherFamous & Celebs
Wire CenterNetworking
Wild CatSports
Week CommencingDays Abbreviations
Wall CalendarCommunity
Western ColoradoState & Local
Wild ChildLaw & Legal
War CorrespondentOccupation & Positions
William CareyFamous & Celebs
Wet CanvasPerforming Arts
Write CombiningGeneral Computing
World CoordinatesUnit Measures
Water CapacityConstruction
Water CoolerArchitecture
Wing ChunSports
Water ColorColors
Wire ConnectorElectronics
Window CardsGeneral Business
White ChocolateFood & Nutrition
World CraftCompanies & Firms
Worship CenterReligion
West CommonsUniversities
War CriminalPolitics
Water ChillerConstruction
Word ChoiceAcademic & Science
Wax CylinderNews & Media
Working CertificateOccupation & Positions
Which ChoiceEnvironmental
Wine CentreCompanies & Firms
White CouncilPolitics
World ConcernUnited Nations
Wonderful CompanionOccupation & Positions
Weapons CarrierMilitary
Won't CommitMilitary
While CrouchingPhysiology
Word ComprehensionEducational
Wesley CurleyNames and Nicknames
Weird ComicsNews & Media
Westfield CommunityCommunity
Weighted CountUnit Measures
Washroom CleanerOccupation & Positions
World ConquerorGaming
Web CleanerInternet
Wisconsin Central LimitedRailroads
Wicked ClownzCompanies & Firms
WildCareNon-Profit Organizations
Wilfred CharlesNames and Nicknames
Wiecking CenterUniversities
Waldo CountyState & Local
Water CosolventChemistry
William CantwellFamous & Celebs
Walking CarpetHousing & Amenities
Wound CheckPhysiology
Wall CoordinatesArchitecture
Worthless CoinCoins
Wonder CoinScience Fiction
Waldwick CrossoverElectronics
Web CorrespondentOccupation & Positions
Wrapper CompilerSoftware
Wind CurrentMeteorology
Westwood ClayGeology
Water CirculationOcean Science
Warrior CatsUnclassified
water closet [U.K.] (toilet)Housing & Amenities
Whittlesea CityCities
Water Closet (toilet)Housing & Amenities
World CupSports
Wicked CountUnclassified
Will CloseUnclassified
Walton CollectiveMuseums
Water chargesUnclassified
Whetten & CameronLibraries
Web ComicUnclassified
Welcome CenterUnclassified
William CarlNames and Nicknames
Warrior CeremonyUnclassified
Weight CodeUnclassified
Western ConferenceConferences
Whitley CoUnclassified
Wireless CarrierUnclassified
World ChampionshipUnclassified
Waffel CrispFood & Nutrition
Waste CanisterMiscellaneous
Water CessBiology
Water Closet (bathroom)Housing & Amenities
Water Closet/UKUnclassified
Weapon ClassMilitary
West CapeGovernmental
Whiskey & a CokeFood & Nutrition
White cellsMedical
Willman CompanyCompanies & Firms
Window CleanerOccupation & Positions
Wisconsin Central Railway (Canadian National Railway)Railroads
Wood ChipperMechanics
Wood CuttingOccupation & Positions
Workmens CompensationGeneral Business
Wrong ConversationChat

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