What does WF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WF:



Wallis and Futuna IslandsCountries
World FamousFood & Nutrition
White FemalePhysiology
Well FormednessChemistry
Wildlife FederationNon-Profit Organizations
Window FunctionSoftware
Withdrawn FailingUniversities
Weight ForwardTransportation
Well FormedPhysiology
Water FrontState & Local
Weighting FactorMathematics
Weapons FactoryMilitary
Wright FlyerTransportation
Washington FieldSports
Wheelchair FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Weak FieldPhysics
Water FactorChemistry
Worst FilmAwards & Medals
Wesley FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
World FriendshipAcademic Degrees
Weak FairnessMathematics
Web ForwardingInternet
Walker FranklinFamous & Celebs
Westfälischer FriedePolitics
Wide FocusPhotography & Imaging
Western ForgeCompanies & Firms
Width of FrameSoftware
Walter's Falls, Ontario, CanadaCanadian
Wake ForestForestry
Waiting ForUnclassified
Work FlowDatabases
Wells FargoUnclassified
warfarinBritish Medicine
Web FontsUnclassified
Winter FormalUnclassified
Wallis and FutunaUnclassified
White FlayersUnclassified
Wide FieldNASA
Wide FlangeUnclassified
Withdrawal and FailureUnclassified
Wall FeelerUnclassified
Way FinderScouting
Way FunUnclassified
Western FrontUnclassified
Wide FormatUnclassified
Wildlife FundFunds
Wireless FreedomUnclassified
Won on FoulUnclassified
Wonder FlavoursUnclassified
Word FormatUnclassified
Work ForceUnclassified
Working FamiliesUnclassified
World FinalistUnclassified
Worlds FairUnclassified
Walking FrameBritish Medicine
WaterfrontReal Estate
Wedge FactorMedical Physics
Weil-FelixBritish Medicine
Wheat FlourBritish Medicine
White FingerBritish Medicine
White FleckedColors
Willebrand factorBritish Medicine
William FrankNames and Nicknames
With FoodPrescription
Words FailMiscellaneous
Work FoundationBritish Medicine
Work Foundation (formerly Industrial Society)British Medicine
Workflow FoundationSoftware
Working FireCommunity
Working FormulationBritish Medicine
Wound FluidHospitals

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