What does WGF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WGF:



Windows Graphics FoundationSoftware
Wallace Global FundStock Exchange
Wild Game FoodFood & Nutrition
Wenner- Gren FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Waste Generation FeeUS Government
WaveGuide FilterElectronics
Winter Green FarmCompanies & Firms
World Goshikaikan FederationSports
Wilson Grove FormationOcean Science
World Genesis FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
World Gamer's FrontSports
Wylli Groove FederationFederation
Water Governance FacilityGovernmental
Wild Goose FarmFarming & Agriculture
World Golf FoundationFoundations
Women's Giving FundFunds
Wind God FistUnclassified
Writers Guild FoundationGuilds
Women and Girls FoundationFoundations
Wanna Get FastUnclassified
Women and Girls FundFunds
World Gaming FederationGaming
World Gourmet FestivalFestivals
We Got FamePerforming Arts
We Got FunkChat

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