What does WHIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WHIP:



Wildlife Habitat Incentives ProgramEnvironmental
Walks and Hits per Innings PitchedBaseball
White House Invasion PrayerMilitary
Wide Horizontal Image PlanePhysics
White House Intercessory PrayersReligion
Weekly Homework for Indonesian PracticeEducational
White House Intercessory PrayerReligion
Webcam Heuristic Interface ProgramSoftware
WHIP file Bitmap graphicsFile Extensions
With Hope It's PossibleReligion
With Him It's PossibleReligion
Wet Home Improvement And ParentingCompanies & Firms
We Have Infinite PotentialUnclassified
Wildlife Habitat Incentive ProgramUnclassified
Warring Handmaidens in PursuitUnclassified
Why Halladay Is PreUnclassified
Wins Hits and Innings PitchedUnclassified
Walks Hits to Innings PitchedUnclassified
Wildlife Habitat Improvement ProgramUnclassified
We Have It PromiseUnclassified
Wild Horse Inmate ProgramUnclassified
Wisconsin Headwaters invasives PartnershipUnclassified
Women Honoring Innate PerceptionUnclassified

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