What does WIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WIP:



Work In ProgressMilitary
Works In ProgressGeneral Business
Work In ProcessElectronics
Web Interoperability PledgeInternet
Women In PowerFunnies
West Indian PreparationOcean Science
Work Integrating PeopleGeneral Business
Weather Interactive ProgramTransportation
Wildlife Inventory PlanUS Government
Water Injection PipelineGeology
Women in PrisonUnclassified
Writing In ProgressUnclassified
Work Input ParameterUnit Measures
Written Instruction PlanEducational
We Ignore PhilliesSports
Wire Ionized PlasmaPhysics
Woman In ProgressEducational
Wireless Industry PartnershipUnclassified
World Institute of PainInstitutes
Water Is PoppingUnclassified
Work In-ProcessManufacturing
Watershed Implementation PlanUnclassified
World Internet ProjectInternet
Warden Intercommunication PointUnclassified
Wharton International ProgramInternational
Windows Information ProtectionUnclassified
Women in ProductUnclassified
Words in ProgressUnclassified
Work in Progress…Unclassified
Waste Implementation ProgrammeWaste Managment
Why I PlayChat
Works In ProcessGeneral Business

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