What does WISF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WISF:



Workforce Investment San FranciscoCommunity
Wisconsin Insurance Security FundStock Exchange
Weakly Interacting Spinless FieldsPhysics
Western Irish Sea FrontOcean Science
Wholesale International Share FundStock Exchange
When I'm Sixty-FourMusic
Wireless Internet Standardization ForumConferences
TV-15, Oneonta, New YorkTV Stations
Where I See FashionFashion & Beauty
Women In Sustainable FinanceFinance
Warwick Independent Schools FoundationSchools
Waterfront Industry Superannuation FundFunds
West Indies Soul FoodFood & Nutrition
When I'm Sixty fourUnclassified
Wiener Institut für Strauss ForschungGerman
Women In Secured FinanceFinance
Women In Social FinanceFinance

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