What does WL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WL:



Weight LossPhysiology
West LancashireRegional
Water LevelOcean Science
Wish ListMilitary
Waiting ListGeneral Business
Work loadPhysiology
World LeadingGeneral Business
Warner LambertCompanies & Firms
With LinesNews & Media
White LineLaw & Legal
WorldLingoCompanies & Firms
Word ListEducational
Weakest LinkNews & Media
Working LevelOccupation & Positions
Wetting LayerMeteorology
Write LockGeneral Computing
Wire LineTelecom
William LewisUnclassified
Word LifeNews & Media
Weak LocalizationPhysics
Warning LightMilitary
Wilmington Trust CorporationNYSE Symbols
Weak LinksUnclassified
World LearningNon-Profit Organizations
Working LevelsUnclassified
Wage LossUS Government
With LetUnclassified
West LaneTransportation
Walking LibertyCoins
Watch LanguageFilm Censorship
Wigner LatticeMathematics
Waterford LakesState & Local
Wizard LadderSoftware
Wenham LakeState & Local
Watched LiteralsUnclassified
Wide LimitUnclassified
Windmill LoggerOccupation & Positions
Wander LeadUnclassified
Willimantic LibraryLibraries
whisker LeftUnclassified
White LabelUnclassified
Wehrmarcht LuftwaffeUnclassified
White LightUnclassified
Water LoopHardware
Wing LeaderUnclassified
Wet LocationUnclassified
Wilderness LodgeUnclassified
Wong LeeUnclassified
Wotan And LiteUnclassified
Wait ListUnclassified
Washington LoopUnclassified
Wassily LeontiefUnclassified
Weekend LeagueUnclassified
Whatta LoserChat
White LeghornUnclassified
Whole LifeUnclassified
Whole LysatesUnclassified
Wim LievensUnclassified
Windows LiveUnclassified
Wing LengthUnclassified
Winners ListUnclassified
Word LineUnclassified
Wright LawLaw & Legal
Wrkcfgsts LinUnclassified
Wario LandGaming
Warning LetterFDA
Water LineAircraft & Aviation
WerkstoffLabor (Spacelab D-1 Experiment)NASA
Wild LifestyleFunnies
Wood's Light [uv]Physics
Would LikeChat

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